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Froma  Harrop

Froma Harrop

Syndicated Columnist


Froma Harrop is a syndicated columnist whose work appears in about 200 newspapers, including The Dallas Morning News, Seattle Times, Denver Post, Detroit News, and Newsday. Her column is distributed by Creators Syndicate in Los Angeles. Media Matters ranks Harrop 20th nationally in total readership and 14th in large newspaper concentration. Her columns are featured in several book anthologies. Read More >

Harrop has written for publications as diverse as The New York Times, Institutional Investor, and Harper’s Bazaar. She has been a guest on PBS, Fox News, MSNBC, NPR, and other television and radio outlets. Specific appearances include The Ed Show, PBS’s White House Chronicles, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Born in New York City and raised on Long Island, Harrop started her journalism career as a business reporter for Reuters in New York, later becoming a financial editor for The New York Times News Service. She is currently a member of The Providence Journal’s editorial board.

Harrop was a finalist for the Scripps Howard Award for commentary and for the Loeb Award in economic commentary (twice). She has been honored by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists and has received five prizes from the New England Associated Press News Executives Association.

She recently served as president of the Association of Opinion Journalists, formerly the National Conference of Editorial Read Less ^

Speech Topics

Independent Politics in America

A growing number of Americans say they don’t identify with either major political candidate in our two-party system. In this keynote, speaker Froma Harrop discusses the role of changing demographics, who’s showing up at the poles, and the rise of independents. She looks back to the last election to outline several lessons we should have learned.

The Media & Civic Discourse

A seasoned journalist and the president of the Association of Opinion Journalists, speaker Froma Harrop is in an ideal position to address issues surrounding the media and civic discourse. In this presentation, she discusses what we mean by “media,” how new media changed the rules of civic discourse, what’s acceptable and who decides, whether civic discourse has always been this nasty, and how to foster safe havens for intelligent conversation.

The Making of the American Shopper

In this unique keynote, speaker Froma Harrop looks back to our consumer origins—how Wizard of Oz author Frank Baum made shopping a fantasy fulfillment—and explores where it’s headed in the digital age. Along the way, she discusses such issues as time vs. money and borrowing to buy.

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