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Gail  Sheehy

Gail Sheehy

Author of Daring: My Passages and the NY Times Bestseller Passages


Gail Sheehy is an icon of American journalism, a sought-after speaker and groundbreaking pioneer for women. The author of 17 books, Sheehy is now embarking on a speaking tour to offer a thrilling showcase of the transformative power of daring. Based on her New York Times best-selling memoir, Daring: My Passages (2014), Sheehy’s popular new program threads personal narrative with 50 years of public history, laying bare her major life passages and taking a hard look at what accompanies today’s undying ambition of “wanting it all.” Read More >

Daring: My Passages dramatizes some of the most startling scenes of Sheehy’s extraordinary life – from dodging bullets on Bloody Sunday, to discovering how Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher used her sex appeal to help end the Cold War, to her own stirring romance and years of creative caregiving for New York magazine creator Clay Felker. In addition, Sheehy has created The Daring Project, an interactive website that dares audiences to be different, dream dangerously and learn to act confidently. She will share exciting interviews of accomplished women, such as Gloria Steinem, Katie Couric and Arianna Huffington, as well as the chances they took, the fears they overcame and the early daring moments that catapulted them to success. She encourages audiences to submit their own daring moments and a select few will be interviewed and featured on The Daring Project website.

As a literary journalist, Gail Sheehy was one of the original contributors to New York Magazine. A contributing editor to Vanity Fair since 1984, she won the Washington Journalism Review Award for Best Magazine Writer in America for her in-depth character portraits of national and world leaders, including both Presidents Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Newt Gingrich, Margaret Thatcher, Saddam Hussein and Mikhail Gorbachev. She is a seven-time recipient of the New York Newswomen's Club Front Page Award for distinguished journalism.

Sheehy's revolutionary Passages (1976) remained on The New York Times Bestseller List for more than three years and has been reprinted in 28 languages. A Library of Congress survey named Passages one of the ten most influential books of our time. In The Silent Passage (1992), she broke the taboo surrounding menopause and opened a dialogue vital to maturing women's health. In New Passages and Understanding Men's Passages (1995) she revisited the stages of adult life and mapped out a completely new frontier entitled "second adulthood."

Sheehy reinforced her status as the preeminent guide to life's most challenging stages with her books Passages in Caregiving: Turning Chaos into Confidence (2010) and Sex and the Seasoned Woman: Pursuing the Passionate Life (2006). She also culminated her first decade of Hillary-watching with the biography Hillary's Choice and her response to the terrorist attacks of 2001 was the book Middletown, America: One Town's Passage from Trauma to Hope.

One of the most popular speakers on the lecture circuit, Gail Sheehy offers dynamic programs based on her groundbreaking investigations and observations of the lives of men and women within different phases of their lives and how they can enjoy them to the fullest. She also opens a fascinating window into how “daring” propelled her life beyond fear, and can propel yours too. Read Less ^

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Mind and Body Cure

Circles of Care

Working Together to Save Family Caregivers

Passages in Caregiving: Turning Chaos into Confidence

Loving Life as a Seasoned Woman

Walking the Labyrinth

The Boomerang Generation

Speech Topics

Daring: The Key To Success

Target Demographic: Professional women’s groups, conferences, book festivals, and Jewish Community Centers (Gail spoke in over 20 throughout Fall 2014 and Spring 2015) Read More >


In this inspiring presentation praised by audiences around the country, pioneering investigative journalist and New York Times bestselling author Gail Sheehy offers a thrilling showcase of the transformative power of daring based on her new memoir, Daring: My Passages. She dramatizes some of the most startling scenes of her extraordinary life – from dodging bullets on Bloody Sunday, to discovering how PM Margaret Thatcher used her sex appeal to help end the Cold War, to her own stirring romance and years of creative caregiving for New York magazine creator Clay Felker. Threading personal narrative with 50 years of public history, Gail offers a fascinating window into how daring propelled her life beyond fear, and can propel yours too.

Poignant, funny, and incredibly uplifting, Gail’s one-woman show is a true work of performance art. Read Less ^

Women Who Dare

Based on Gail Sheehy’s new book, Daring: My Passages, this presentation turns the spotlight on successful women who have “dared” to be bold and who have emerged as strong leaders in business, media, political and public life. A trailblazer in helping to shatter the glass ceiling for women professionals, Gail offers insight gleaned from her personal experiences of shattering failures and stunning successes as an intrepid young journalist and prolific author. Sharing stories from intimate interviews with such influential women as Gloria Steinem, Diane von Furstenberg, Meredith Vieira and Arianna Huffington, she will take your audience on a remarkable journey of how women have broken down gender barriers and honed entrepreneurial finesse. Shedding light on where progress is still to be made, Gail emboldens professional women to approach their career goals with the same commitment and purpose they apply elsewhere in life.

Secrets of Daring Women

Target Demographic: Women in their 20s-70s Read More >


A world-renowned writer, Gail Sheehy is known for changing the way millions of women have looked at their lives. Now offering her valuable wisdom and expertise to college students nationwide, she is helping usher in a new era of empowered, fearless and successful females. Drawing from personal interviews with such influential women as Arianna Huffington and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Gail probes audiences to think about when they have been most daring in life, asserting that such moments—when one looks fear or apprehension straight in the eye—are when one becomes the most alive. Also sharing often amusing stories about determined Millennials who have dared to challenge parental and societal expectations, Gail presents tangible tools for cultivating innovative ideas and building a meaningful life. Read Less ^

Passages in Caregiving

Target Demographic: Sandwich generation, medical professionals, hospital administrators, social workers, senior housing providers, Alzheimer’s groups Read More >


The population of caregivers is exploding. They come in all ages, struggle to cope with the needs of ill loved ones, and attempt to navigate their way through the often complicated maze of our healthcare system—all while trying to maintaining careers and personal lives. Having acted as her husband's caregiver for 17 years, Gail Sheehy—who has chronicled every major cultural turning point for 20th-century Americans—understands firsthand the fears and frustrations of caregiving. In this fascinating and empowering speech based on her best-selling book, Passages in Caregiving, Gail draws from personal experience and shares the inspiring stories of other caregivers. Audiences will leave with proven strategies for managing what Gail identifies as the eight crucial stages of the caregiving journey.


Intimately familiar with the emotional and financial burdens caregivers face, she also candidly discusses such difficult topics as how to involve siblings and friends in a circle of care, how to turn your doctor into your medical quarterback, and how to use the magic code words that get fast action from health professionals. You will learn how to engage a loved one—even one with Alzheimer’s—in the pleasurable and purposeful project of creating a picture-and-audio legacy online. With unique insights, she presents down-to-earth solutions to help turn stressful, life-altering situations into special moments from which everyone can benefit. Read Less ^

Seasoned Women Pursuing the Passionate Life

Target Demographic: Women 50+ Read More >


Gail Sheehy celebrates the surge in vitality among Boomer women seeking renewed love, sex, new passions, deepened spirituality and revitalized marriages—or the freedom of singlehood and romance. With inspiring stories of colorful women she has interviewed who are boldly seeking new ways of life, Sheehy reveals the story of an intimate revolution taking place under our very noses. As life spans grow longer, women—once free of the exhausting demands of young children and career building—find themselves ready to pursue the passionate life. They embrace their Second Adulthood as a period of reawakening. The Women’s Executive Circle of the UJA-Federation of NY LOVED this speech in February 2015! Read Less ^

Adventures of the Spirit: Feeding the Soul in Second Adulthood

As we move toward retirement from daily work, the real work of our Second Adulthood becomes the feeding and crafting of the soul. Where and when do you hear your soul's voice? In nature? In meditation? In offering friendship or care? In nurturing your grandchildren? This is a good time to compose a personal creed. The object is to know what you personally believe in and act upon it. Do you hunger for spiritual reconditioning?


In this exciting presentation, Gail Sheehy will prompt you try new adventures of the spirit (for example, forming a WIT circle—Wisewomen in Training—to share strategies for making tough passages, and finding new transports to joy).

Inspiring Courageous Leadership

Drawing on her knowledge of world leaders she has followed, as well as innovators in media and technology, Gail Sheehy provides one-of-a-kind insights like: Read More >


  • How Bobby Kennedy's fatalism empowered him to campaign against racism and spread of guns.
  • How Margaret Thatcher employed both forcefulness and feminine wiles to help change the world and end the Cold War.
  • Why Hillary Clinton's life-long record as a political pioneer for women and girls gives her a unique platform in contending for the presidency.
  • Why leaders with long-range vision are able to make revolutionary policy advances - FDR and social security, Ronald Reagan and nuclear détente, Barack Obama and universal healthcare and a possible nuclear treaty with Iran.
  • Who are the courageous leaders, male and female, priming the tech pipeline for leaders of the future.


Based on her New York Times best-selling memoir, DARING: MY PASSAGES (2014), Gail also popularly lectures about "Women Who Dare," offering a fascinating window into how daring propelled her life beyond fear, and can propel yours too.

  Read Less ^