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Jan  Hopkins

Jan Hopkins

Former Business News Anchor, CNN


A true trailblazer in business broadcast journalism, Jan Hopkins helped shepherd in the era of business news television. One of the first prominent women business anchors, she won both Emmy and Peabody Awards for her more than two decades in business news and network television production with CNN. At the end of 2007, Hopkins became the President of the Economic Club of New York, the first woman to fill this post. The Economic Club of New York is one of the nation's oldest and preeminent speaker's platforms for major global business, financial, and political figures. After stepping down as President in 2016, she still remains involved in its management and is the chief interviewer for the Club. Read More >

Hopkins covered Wall Street from the bull market to the crash in the 1980s and the business world from dotcom boom to bust in the '90s. She has interviewed guests from heads of state to heads of companies to shareholders, workers, and men and women on the street. Prior to CNN she worked for ABC World News Tonight and CBS network television news, along with radio and television stations in Ohio. Following CNN, she became the Managing Director and Head of Client Communications at Citigroup Private Bank, where she developed strategy and programs to communicate Citigroup's best ideas to high-net-worth clients around the world.

In 2005 she founded The Jan Hopkins Group, a communications and media strategy consulting company that specializes in connecting clients more effectively with their audience and offers media training and video production services. The Jan Hopkins Group has worked with a national nonprofit to connect with potential leaders for a major capital campaign; with the chief executive of a hedge fund on media strategy; and produced a video for a pharmaceutical company shareholder's meeting.

Hopkins currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Knight Bagehot Fellowship at Columbia University School of Journalism. As a Bagehot Fellow she studied at Columbia University School of Business. She is a former member of the board of Girl Scouts USA and of the board of trustees at Hiram College. She is a former director of Bostwick Laboratories and was a member of the nominating and governance committee. In 2009, Hopkins joined the board of Franklin Templeton Mutual Shares. She is a member of the nominating committee. Read Less ^

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American Sweep

The Economy, The Markets, and The Power Players

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The Economy, The Markets & the Power Players

This timely survey of what is happening in the markets and in the economy will draw on Jan Hopkins' experience as a financial journalist, a board member, head of the Economic Club of New York, and the daughter of a steelworker from Ohio. Hopkins will share up-to-the-minute insights and what she is hearing from the power players about where we might be headed.

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