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Jared  Cohen

Jared Cohen

Founder of Google Ideas & CEO of Jigsaw


Jared Cohen is at the center of technology and how it is changing the world. As Google’s first Director of Ideas and now the CEO of Jigsaw (its successor arm within Alphabet Inc.), he is at the forefront of using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to tackle some of the toughest global challenges. As a former advisor to two secretaries of state and having visited more than 100 countries (including North Korea and Iran), Cohen is able to look around the corner and shed light on both the next big technological innovation and how it impacts our world, our businesses, and our lives. Whether he’s interviewing former extremists or meeting with the Pope in Rome, Cohen brings his expertise to bear on some of the most challenging problems of our time. Read More >

Technology is reshaping nearly every aspect of our lives, especially business, communication, entertainment, and politics. There’s never been a more important time to understand how technology is transforming your industry or organization, and there are few people better qualified to illuminate what the future holds than Cohen. His New York Times bestselling book The New Digital Age, co-authored with Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, gazes into a world where everything is digital and offers predictions about what our future holds. Named one of TIME Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People,” Cohen has spent his entire career using technology to solve seemingly intractable problems. His new book, Accidental Presidents, looks at eight men who came into office without being elected to it. After studying at Stanford and Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, Cohen became the youngest person to serve in the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff, the elite group of thinkers that advise the Secretary of State on pressing global issues. In 2010 he was recruited by Google’s then-CEO Eric Schmidt, whom Cohen currently advises, to create Google Ideas, Google’s influential think tank that expanded to become the technology incubator known now as Jigsaw and housed in Google’s parent company.

Cohen’s keynotes are electrifying, inspiring, and relevant. Every business and industry would benefit from better understanding the technology that’s transforming our world—for better or for worse—and no one tells that story with more insight, humor, and poise than Cohen. He draws on his extensive travel with dazzling first-hand accounts and simplifies some of the most important trends in technology to reveal how these difficult issues matter for your organization. Cohen’s anecdotes are famous and will leave your audience shocked by their newfound understanding of the technology they use and the world they inhabit. His insights are relevant for all audiences and industries, and the topics at hand have never been more important. As the world becomes increasingly more complex, Cohen offers an illuminating and entertaining glimpse into our future. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

The Art of Disrupting: How to Drive Innovation at Scale

Jared Cohen has driven innovation and bold experimentation at every scale. From building a startup within one of the world's biggest technology companies to spurring innovation within the vast bureaucracy of government, Cohen understands the art of disrupting. In this gripping keynote — filled with concrete examples from his time as chief advisor to Google's Executive Chairman, advising two secretaries of state, and running his own company at Alphabet — Cohen shares his strategy for identifying the next big opportunity on the horizon. His experience gives him unique insight about what makes a team and a company succeed. What does it take to attract and retain talent, inspire ambition, and inject an entrepreneurial spirit into big organizations? Why do some ideas succeed, while others fail?  With engrossing stories of tackling some of the world's great challenges, Cohen shares his insights on how to turn ambitions into action and innovation into impact.

Seizing the AI Moment for a Better Future

Today's advancements in Artificial Intelligence represent the greatest technological disruption since the invention of the internet. As the world glimpses at the incredible, transformational power of AI, it's more important than ever for business leaders to understand how the technology is evolving and what it means for business, governance, and society. Cohen is the leader of a cutting-edge AI research team focused on tackling some of the world's most vexing challenges, pushing the state-of-the-art in the most important field of science. With first-hand experience deploying AI technology in the field, Cohen illuminates how AI can help address your organization's challenges, and how you can make it work for you. From big data to ethics, and privacy to security, learn from one of the experts about how to seize this exciting, but complex moment.

Transitions & Change: What History Can Teach Us About Business

As much as The Accidental Presidents is about momentous events in history, it's also a story of transitions. Transitions, be they in politics or business, are often challenging and complex events shaped by their time, context and the personalities involved. The lessons we've learned from the eight moments in history when the President of the United States has unexpectedly died in office are just as instructive for business as they are for politics. Read More >

Navigating transition is one of the most important parts of how a business evolves. One of the hardest transitions is for a CEO to follow a founder, while other times the CEO comes into a situation where they are following a legendary figure. There are leaders who preside over periods of overhaul, who weather crises and then name their successors. There are examples of CEOs who are handpicked by their predecessor and are meant to continue a dynasty. Does the incoming CEO preserve the founder's vision or forge a new path? Do you keep the executive team from the previous administration or hire new people more likely to be loyal? Do you craft your own identity or cling to the original founder's ideas? If an organization is in the midst of crisis, how does navigating change look different? Rather than draw on the typical repository of case studies, Jared Cohen offers a blueprint for navigating transition by drawing on the eight times a vice president has become president — history altered by a heartbeat. It is the story of how these eight "successors," neither the voters’ nor their party’s choice, dealt with that power and changed history, for better or worse. Merging a story of politics and business about the journey of eight leaders, Cohen provides timeless pearls of leadership wisdom for the next generation of managers and executives. Read Less ^

Corporations in the Digital Warzone

According to Jared Cohen, most companies have a serious blind spot. They’re increasingly caught in the crossfire of what is a perpetual state of cyberconflict around the world. In this New World Disorder, with billions of people online, data is the digital equivalent of oil. Cyberwars and cyberattacks unfold silently, invisibly and relatively inexpensively. Businesses need to navigate these threats, but lack true understanding of their context. In this riveting presentation, Cohen uncovers the emerging threats (and underlying opportunities) that are keeping world leaders up at night, providing invaluable information about keeping your business, organization and family safe. Read More >

You’ll learn how: Read Less ^

  • Disinformation happens and why it’s the future of economic warfare—potentially leading to market manipulation and more. If you think markets are volatile now, just wait.
  • Big data and even bigger data is being weaponized by states as the new go-to method of influence
  • Governments are deploying digital armies of trolls to influence elections and hack the conversation
  • The tactics used by states can be adopted by criminal entities
  • The ubiquity of data and technology has reignited a Cold War that features the digital equivalent of proxy wars, espionage, election tampering, and targeted assassinations
  • The absence of rules in cyberspace has created a new anarchy that is being exploited by a new group of players

Game Changers: Technology Trends & the Next Big Disruptions

Businesses can’t afford to be complacent in the face of rapid technological innovation. Some of the most disruptive and world-changing innovations were invented in someone’s garage, while the world remained unaware of the next big thing. Is your business prepared to confront the challenges and opportunities of the next big disruption? Drawing upon his experience developing cutting-edge technologies for Google, bringing innovation to American diplomacy and founding an award-winning technology incubator, Cohen offers a glimpse into tomorrow’s major technology trends and what they mean for you and your business. 

Disruptive Leadership: How to Lead at Innovation’s Cutting Edge

Leadership in the 21st century means harnessing technology to work smarter and build successful organizations. It also means constantly innovating to avoid falling behind—leveraging technology to stay relevant and cutting-edge. From growing a business to scaling products to managing high-functioning teams, Cohen provides insights from inside one of the world’s most competitive and successful companies. He also shares stories of disruption, having found ways to innovate both at high levels of government and the tech sector. Speaking as a CEO to other leaders, Cohen breaks through the noise to focus on how the world is changing and how your business can keep pace.

How Technology is Disrupting Politics & Elections

We’re only now learning the extent of outside manipulation on Brexit to the U.S. presidential election. With democracy under threat, it is critical to cut through the punditry and the polls to examine what issues are really at stake, and how this election matters for our future. Cohen examines the 2016 race and beyond through the lens of technology—the issues that matter most and how technology is changing the way campaigns will be run in the future. The stakes have never been higher.

From Pyongyang to ISIS: The Greatest Threats Facing our World

Having traveled to nearly 100 countries—including some of the toughest war zones and repressive societies in the world—Cohen draws on his experience to take you inside the most challenging environments, from North Korea to Iran and beyond. From his meetings with the leadership of North Korea to his interviews with ISIS defectors, Cohen’s travels have given him a unique perspective on the threats facing the world and what can be done about them.