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Joe  Echevarria

Joe Echevarria

Retired Chief Executive & Keynote Speaker


There are American success stories about ascending the corporate ladder through perseverance and hard work and there is Joe Echevarria's story, which stands alone in its soaring trajectory. The South Bronx latchkey kid who grew up in poverty — he was working at a gas station as a teenager when he first became aware of the accounting trade, after being impressed by a customer's confidence and business savvy — landed an entry-level auditor job at Deloitte & Touche as a young man, rising through the ranks to assume the company's top post in one of the business world's most inspiring career arcs. Read More >

The recently retired executive joined the professional services firm in 1978, advancing to audit partner ten years later before assuming leadership positions Including Deputy Managing Partner and Managing Partner Operations in 2004 through his chief executive appointment in 2011. During his tenure as Deloitte CEO, Echevarria was a member of the U.S. and Global boards and played a crucial role in serving the investor public, protecting capital markets, and ensuring high quality service to the firm's most esteemed clients. During his decade plus of operations responsibility the firm tripled in size.

A frequent guest on CNBC, Fox Business, The Wall Street Journal and Reuters, Echevarria is adept at translating the business sector's intricate machinations and transformations for both layman and seasoned executive. An in-demand panelist and keynote speaker, he provides indispensible stories and insight to corporate professionals of every stripe and level, from small groups at sales meetings and management retreats to larger gatherings attracting senior leaders of 50,000-person companies and their top clients.

But Echevarria's work does not stop as the chief executive of one of the world's most revered accounting and consulting firms — indeed, his retirement from corporate life simply marks a new beginning on a continuing arc. A dedicated public servant, he remains committed to extending his mastery of strategy, growth and leadership to education programs, community organizations and professional outreach. Whether fostering park programs for underserved youth as part of the Orange Bowl Committee, assisting minority youth through My Brother's Keeper Alliance (the White House initiative now separate not for profit in which he serves as Chairman and CEO) and continuing his participation in the nonpartisan Fix the Debt campaign to place America on a sturdier fiscal and economic path, Echevarria's soaring trajectory continues unabated. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

The Management/Worker Dynamic: Strength Is Success

One of the strongest relationships in any company is that of management and workers — indeed, it's the foundation that any successful company rests upon if the company in question is built to succeed. Drawing from his leadership experience at Deloitte LLP, where he managed 70,000 professionals in 90 U.S. cities and India, Joe speaks on the crucial role of leadership in motivating workers to excel. Through nurturing talent, inclusion and many other managerial strategies, he reveals how Deloitte — which hires more than 18,000 workers annually — under his leadership excelled in keeping its workforce happy, healthy and productive under his leadership.

From the South Bronx to CEO: Hispanic Heritage & the American Dream

According to retired Deloitte CEO Joe Echevarria, “When you’re a kid, you don’t realize that you’re poor or that you’re a minority. It didn’t resonate with me until I was older.” There are American success stories about ascending the corporate ladder through perseverance and hard work and there is Echevarria’s –a story intertwined in his Puerto Rican roots and Hispanic Heritage. In this inspiring presentation, he shares a moving personal narrative that begins in poverty as the child of a single mother and leads to his stellar rise from entry-level auditor to CEO of Deloitte. Now CEO of My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, an initiative addressing the persistent opportunity gaps faced by boys and young men of color, Echevarria inspires all of us to extend the ladder of opportunity to a new generation and empower the American Dream.

Welcome to the Inner Sanctum: The Power of Today's C-Suite

Congratulations, you've made it to the upper echelon of a corporation through hard work and effective leadership. What's next, what's in it for you, and what can you expect from the highest level of leadership in the business world today? The C-suite — an organization's most important senior executives — functions differently than other areas of a corporation. Its executives are responsible for high-stakes decision-making, the strongest leadership and a more demanding workload, for which they receive higher compensation. In this program, Joe demystifies the rarified C-Suite of today through an examination of strategy, execution, culture, driving change and working toward the future — many of the high-level skills he brought to Deloitte as its chief executive and C-Suite supreme leader.

How to Lead

What makes a strong leader and how can he or she best oversee a company's workforce to ensure maximum success at both the personal and professional level? Drawing from his experience at Deloitte LLP, where he was appointed chief executive in 2011, Joe examines his own trajectory in the company, beginning as an auditor, and rising through the management ranks until he assumed the top position in 2011, during a time in which the company tripled size. What he picked up as he climbed the Deloitte ladder, what he employed once he reached the top, and how he succeeded in leading during one of the firm's most dynamic periods are but a few of the subjects addressed in this presentation targeted towards managers and those who aspire to the highest echelon of a company's leadership.



The Completely Customizeable Keynote

Be your own presentation planner by selecting any of the topics below, in any combination, and Joe will hit the stage, and the speech, running. His extensive, lived experience in each of these related topics is unequivocal, as is his ability to improvise and entertain with an approachable, intelligent style that audiences have come to expect. Without the need for cue cards or a prompter, it is obvious that Echevarria is at home in front of audiences, who will enjoy his expert execution on any selection and combination of subjects - drawing from anecdotes and examples from an inspired career and life. Read More >

Subjects include: Read Less ^

  • People, Leadership, Motivation
  • Innovation x Relationships = Growth
  • How to Execute and Effectively Achieve
  • How to Create Company Culture
  • Global/US Economy & Trade
  • Government through the Fiscal Lens
  • Future Technology, Media, Telecommunications
  • Public Service/Private Fulfillment
  • Business Ethics
  • Education
  • The Pros of Pro-Bono
  • Diversity & Minority Leadership
  • How to be a Truly Liked and Lucrative Leader

My Brother's Keeper: Making the American Dream Available to Boys & Young Men of Color

Imagine a country where all youth are given an equal shot. As the Chair and CEO of President Obama's My Brother's Keeper initiative, launched in 2014 to help make the American Dream available to boys and young men of color, Joe has a personal connection to finding success in the land of opportunity. As a Hispanic inner-city kid from the South Bronx growing up in a single-parent home, advancing through hard work to the top position at Deloitte LLP, Joe achieved what so many American males of color have not—because enduring, systemic barriers prevent them from succeeding. In this deeply personal presentation, Joe speaks of his own experiences as a young man of color rising through the ranks of a large corporation, the challenges he faced and the risks he took in order to achieve the success that eludes so many of his male cohorts. He also discusses the importance of My Brother's Keeper's values and initiatives inside the corporate world, where it's important to mobilize businesses in order to diversify their talent pool and improve recruiting and retention strategies.