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Jon  Landau

Jon Landau

Academy Award-Winning Producer of Titanic & Avatar


Thanks to Academy Award-winning producer and avant-garde effects artist Jon Landau, we can be certain of a few things in the future. One, “unobtainium” will probably be pretty hard to get a hold of. Two, avatars in the future will have to offer consumers more than just blue – and three, if the technology needed for Jon to tell a story doesn’t exist, it soon will. With an innate ability to inspire others to push the creative boundaries of storytelling, and the imagination to invent any new tools that will achieve this success, Jon Landau teaches audiences that if you feel limited because you feel your ideas are “ahead of their time” – get a new watch. You are the architect of your own reality – this is the epiphany and expertise Jon Landau can bring to your organization today.  Read More >

Academy Award- and two-time Golden Globe-winning producer Jon Landau, repeatedly demonstrates his ability to imagine, oversee, and deliver major motion pictures. Jon sees every movie as a start-up company, the script as its business plan, and himself as CEO – and a very successful CEO at that. He currently holds the distinction of having produced the two highest grossing movies of all-time, Avatar and Titanic, (with Avatar 2 and 3 in the works.) The combination of Landau's ability to motivate and innovate has enabled him to play a significant role in numerous major motion pictures. Today, Jon speaks to APB audiences, translating his proven methods seamlessly to academia and the corporate world.

The consensus among the audiences he has spoken to is that Jon Landau is one of the nicest, genuine, non-pretentious people you will ever meet.  He gives all of himself at his events, unafraid to be personable, funny and approachable. Jon also customizes each of his talks, and will even work with you to address your preferences for his presentations, which is not typical for the Hollywood elite, let alone an Oscar winner. It also goes without saying that a Hollywood special effects guru will certainly draw a crowd – expecting to be dazzled. With his own brand of dynamic, “special effective” multi-media presentations, Jon never disappoints. When he starts rolling, and the action starts, you will be able to hear a pin drop, as his incredible story unfolds.

Landau has been a speaker both domestically and internationally at both educational institutions and big companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, Bank of America, University of Southern California, and Loyola University. In his informative and entertaining presentations, Jon not only shares his insight into the film industry (and his experiences working with director James Cameron), but also discusses the broader perspective of business management, innovative marketing, and motivational philosophies – encouraging audiences to be leaders – not just in their careers, but in their lives as well. Read Less ^

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Braving the Technologies of a New World: You’re Not in Kansas Anymore – You’re on Pandora

In this presentation, audiences will get a rare peek into the story and circumstances that necessitated the discovery and development of some of the most state-of-the-art visual effects achieved today which were needed to realize the creative vision of Avatar – a project that required techniques and technologies which did not yet exist. Even rarer still, is how these next-level tools came to be. In typical genius, visionary style, Jon took a page from the Steve Jobs playbook and first decided what he needed to tell the story…and then he just went ahead and created it. Landau did not ask himself what was possible – he asked himself what’s next. This is question which answers the needs of today’s newer, fresher innovators in business development. Read More >

True innovation is not hampered by availability – just dream-ability, and Jon Landau’s ability to dream, and then execute, is unquestioned. For example, when James Cameron decided he needed to visualize the invisible world he was filming, Jon concocted a camera specifically for Avatar that actually showed the virtual world of Pandora on the camera’s monitor, while Cameron filmed the actors on an empty sound stage! He even went a step further by placing a motion capture camera right onto the face of the actors to record and render the finest details and nuances of the actor’s facial expressions and performance. This new technology turned motion capture into emotion capture, finally allowing directors to give justice to the emotional depth of some of the greatest stories, yet to be told. This informative and intuitive presentation gives audiences a taste of their first “aha moment” in innovation when they realize that they are their own director, and always have been. Read Less ^

Dream It – Do It: Innovation & Breakthrough Change

Jon Landau believes that any industry today wishing to be successful must be creative, innovative and unafraid to dream. He parallels the evolution of the film industry, specifically around innovation, ideas and technology, with what people in the audience are facing in their own practices. For example, after dreaming up a new filming technique, he introduced his idea to Cameron who ended up shooting scenes just as Jon saw them in his dream from the previous night. James not only added Jon’s revolutionary technique to his bag of tricks, but also praised Jon’s courage to come forward with his dreamt-up device, even stating that Landau’s exceptional success as a producer is largely due to his ability to listen to his dreams and take them to heart. As a result, not only has Jon, along with his collaborators, been able to create a new kind of movie experience, but have also spun off new technologies, companies, and products. Read More >


Jon also describes how utilizing the subconscious mind gives him a distinct advantage over other professionals – giving him an additional, more imaginative resource to draw from while in the midst of ever-evolving technologies and media. He then shares his tactics to influence people to believe in your idea and produce it. Jon shares the biggest risks he took and how he and his colleagues truly changed the way movies are brought to life – divulging his proven process of building, leading, influencing and getting buy-in. Jon ends with advice on how to embrace the challenges you face every day to stay motivated and keep dreaming. He reveals to his audience that to successfully advance their industry or creative agenda, they must first form a symbiotic relationship between their dreams and innovation, if either one is to become meaningful. Jon believes that it is only when innovation is applied to a dream that the dream can become a reality. As Landau puts it, “A dream without courage is an illusion – a dream with courage is innovation.” Read Less ^