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Kathleen Bartholomew & John Nance

Kathleen Bartholomew & John Nance

Experts on Hospital Quality & Safety


Husband and wife duo Kathleen Bartholomew and John Nance present vital programs on quality and patient safety to hospital boards, physicians and physician leaders, and hospital management nationally and internationally. As the co-authors of Charting the Course: Launching Patient-Centric Healthcare, they illuminate leadership’s role in changing hospital culture. Read More >

A licensed attorney, a decorated Air Force pilot, a Vietnam and Operations Desert Storm/Desert Shield veteran, and an award-winning author, Nance brings a rich diversity of professional training and background to the quest for patient safety and medical practice improvement. His urgent message to physicians is to be leaders, not commanders. Physicians respond well to his call to action and to his very accurate observation that they carry a great deal of power within hospitals and are vital to creating systemic change.

With a background in sociology and past positions in marketing, business, communications, and teaching, registered nurse Bartholomew approaches nursing with a fresh perspective, allowing her to probe into the human side of the healthcare industry. She is a national expert in physician-nurse and nurse-nurse relationships. The author of four books on the subject and a national speaker, she motivates healthcare leaders to harness the maximum amount of power within organizations and understand the strengths and weaknesses of their particular culture within the larger healthcare context.

Together, speakers John Nance and Kathleen Bartholomew provide a comprehensive and customized program on improving hospital culture to deliver quality care. Read Less ^

Speech Topics

What Now? An Urgently Needed Dynamic Program for Healthcare Leaders & Physicians

In a combined half-day format, speakers John Nance and Kathleen Bartholomew will take C-suites, boards, and physician leadership through the irreversible realities of the current healthcare system—what changes are needed, why, when, and how. The new paradigm of healthcare requires a totally different set of leadership skills and a radically different way of perceiving healthcare, as well as a new understanding that the difference between survival and extinction for any healthcare entity now depends entirely on its leadership. Read More >

Nance and Bartholomew explain that the healthcare system that will emerge and succeed will not necessarily be based on ACO's, medical homes, or any other nationally directed idea, but it will be one that understands how to include, empower, motivate, and inspire the people who are the organization, as well as deal happily with the inevitability of human and systemic mistakes.

Participants will: Read Less ^

  • Identify the main focus for leaders in creating and sustaining true cultural change
  • Describe the steps necessary to maximize synergy and establish a shared organizational vision
  • Explain the difference between philosophy, strategy, and tactics in establishing a patient-centric culture
  • List three new leadership skills that are mandatory in order for an organization to thrive under the new paradigm of “no outcome, no income”

Board Retreats

A hospital can only deliver quality care and safety when its board of directors possesses a clear and accurate picture of the hospital’s culture. To get the total picture, however, board members must understand how physicians and nurses work on the front line. Read More >

Speakers Kathleen Bartholomew and John Nance collect data from nurses and physicians to paint a clear and accurate picture of your current hospital culture. In this all-day board retreat, Bartholomew and Nance provide a customized presentation based on your hospital’s needs. They will organize a meeting and a series of consultations with your CEO and his or her team to create a list of five specific objectives. They will also gather data through telephone conferences with the chief nurse and risk manager. A typical day includes 5.5 hours of lecture and 1.5 hours of facilitated discussion and group work, all designed around the list of agreed upon objectives. Read Less ^

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Charting the Course