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Ken  Segall

Ken Segall

Former Apple Ad Consultant


Ken Segall is the New York Times bestselling author of Insanely Simple and Think Simple, which celebrate simplicity as “the most powerful force in business." He’s also an extraordinary storyteller, and his many years as Steve Jobs’ ad man give Ken some fantastic stories to tell. He was a key player in Apple’s extraordinary rise from the ashes, leading the creative team behind the famous Think different campaign. He’s also responsible for the little “i” that became the foundation of Apple's naming strategy from one revolutionary product to the next. As the company climbed ever higher, Ken observed the tangible benefits of Jobs’ philosophy that “simplicity can move mountains.” In addition to his experiences with Apple, he has also served as agency creative director for Intel, Dell, IBM and BMW. An experienced marketer of iconic brands, Ken delivers powerful business insights to audiences, adding color with behind-the-scenes stories from the unpredictable world of Steve Jobs. He shows how any organization—large or small—can benefit from the principles that drove the success of Apple and others. Read More >

Ken’s belief in the power of simplicity is the result of a unique blend of business experiences. In demand as a creative marketer, he became intimately familiar with the cultures of many different companies. He saw firsthand how simplicity could inspire customers, motivate employees, and literally change the trajectory of an organization. Conversely, he also observed the dangers of creeping complexity. As important, he found that great business leaders understand the basic human desire for simplicity, and factor that into critical decisions. This was the thinking that led Ken to write Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success, based on his experiences with Steve Jobs. His second book, Think Simple: How Smart Leaders Defeat Complexity, expanded the concept to include ideas about simplification from the leaders of 40 companies around the world—including Ben and Jerry’s, Whole Foods and The Container Store in the U.S.A., and Australia’s Telstra and Westpac Bank.

Ken has a talent for delivering valuable, actionable business insights through stories—some amusing, some harrowing, and all compelling. Because simplicity is a universal concept, he has been enthusiastically received in more than 20 countries. Nearly every company on earth, in any industry, can be improved through simplification. Complexity lives in products, services, marketing, packaging, websites, even a company's org chart. Ken’s take on simplicity is all the more inspiring because much of his proof comes directly from Apple—which remains one of the world’s most fascinating companies. He tailors his message for every audience, to ensure that attendees leave the room with new ideas about the way they work, and how their company can harness the power of simplicity. Read Less ^

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The Power of Simple

Simplicity is the most powerful force in business. Steve Jobs’ obsession with simplicity guided Apple from near bankruptcy to become the world’s most valuable company—in only 14 years. And Apple is not alone. More and more companies around the world are tapping the power of simplicity to improve products, motivate employees and create more loyal customers. Ken Segall uses his personal experience as Jobs’ ad man and interviews with world business leaders to show how any organization can transform through the power of simplicity.

Working the Steve Jobs Way

Steve Jobs was as advertised—difficult, demanding and volatile—but he was also one of the most effective business leaders in history. It was his special mix of talent and personality that allowed him to rejuvenate Apple after others had failed. Ken Segall offers a closer look at Steve’s management style, illuminating principles that any company can use to motivate employees, make better products and streamline complicated businesses.

Inside Apple Advertising

Apple has long been the gold standard for advertising creativity, quality and effectiveness. Having created many of Apple’s iconic ads, Ken Segall shares behind-the-scenes stories that help an audience understand how strategies were developed and how ads were produced. Marketing audiences would do well to learn how great campaigns were born.