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Krish  Dhanam

Krish Dhanam

Corporate Evangelist & Business Philosopher


The road Krish Dhanam took to becoming one of the most dynamic speakers in America began in southeast India with the dream of moving to America. He arrived in New York City in 1986 with nine dollars in his pocket and a burning desire to achieve the levels of success he’d seen in the American-made movies he viewed as a child. Read More >

Dhanam won a sales contest and a ticket to a seminar conducted by Zig Ziglar. That chance encounter in 1991 led to an association with Zig and his company, Ziglar, Inc., that exists until this day. From telemarketer to Vice President of Training for Ziglar Training Worldwide and Director of International Operations for Ziglar Training Systems, Dhanam’s climb to the top has been phenomenal. He learned firsthand what it takes to be a stand-apart speaker from his mentor, friend, and now colleague.

Dhanam’s professional speaking career has taken him over a million miles. He has shared the speaking platform with Zig Ziglar more often than any other speaker, offering a dynamic, energetic, engaging, and often riveting speaking style that can take a listener from laughter to tears and back again in an instant. His message of hope, his passion for freedom, and his immigrant’s perspective leave his audiences inspired, grateful, and challenged.

Dhanam’s background, experience, and wisdom—wisdom that comes only by climbing your way to the top—position him perfectly to teach and inspire you and your organization. If you want your people to have a “can do” attitude and to approach problems proactively from their own initiative, contract Dhanam. If you want your people to accept responsibility for their own actions and to communicate effectively, engage Dhanam. If you want your people to understand that work is a privilege, that teamwork will result in achieving goals, and that goals achieved result in hope and gratitude, Dhanam is your man.

His client list is the who’s who of global enterprise and he has received accolades from some of the most distinguished corporations including The United States Army, Christian Dior, Steelcase Industries, Apollo Hospitals, EDS, Texas Instruments, Pepsico, and Energizer Batteries.

Today Dhanam is the co-founder of a training company, author of The American Dream from an Indian Heart, and a contributing author to the book Top Performance written by Zig Ziglar. In the year 2008, following a calling on their heart to do something for their motherland, Dhanam and his wife Anila formed Mala Ministries. Read Less ^

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The Selling Continuum

Krish Dhanam has spoken to over a 100 audiences a year for almost two decades. During this time he has watched the process of sales, service, and negotiation unfold in almost fifty countries on six continents. In a world that is increasingly changing Krish uses an approach that searches for the thread that connects the various parties involved. From the discovery required to understanding that customers will more often buy for their reasons and not yours to the belief that a transference of feeling has to take place for effective results, this session can be a keynote or a workshop. Here the content is customized or tailored to the needs of your organization or the theme of your convention.

Selling Is Not Telling

Having learned the fundamentals of selling from the legendary Zig Ziglar, Krish has authored curriculum in all facets of personal and professional development. To this end his speech, Selling Is Not Telling, pinpoints the mistakes that most sales professionals make when canvassing their product. The eagerness to be feature-driven and not benefit-oriented makes them talk about their product’s application versus the solutions that the same product will provide the customer. Here the participants will be engaged in many simulations where they are shown the way to display value once rather than explain price over and over again. 

If You Cannot Understand, Stand Under

The premise and foundation of this keynote is take people back to the attributes of foundational thinking. By understanding that there is a way we define and express ourselves and by clinging to the absolutes we know there is a freedom to achieve. In this session business speaker Krish Dhanam will engage the audience with his trademark humor and guide them through a narrative of distinctive motifs that will allow each participant to begin a voyage of self-discovery that allows them to be more, do more, and have more.

The American Dream Has No Snooze Button

This is one of the most requested topics in a time when we are undergoing unprecedented change. Here the design, development, and delivery of the keynote is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the client. Business speaker Krish Dhanam will work with your theme to structure the content of his communication to fit the specific requirements of your group. The basic premise is to remind people that survival is assured and stability is available if you just show up. But by doing what is required and helping one or two other people along the way the quantitative result is unimaginable.

The Dependability Factor

Are you going through life just being counted or are you growing through life being counted on? Learning to live your day by the clock and your life with a vision is sometimes easier said than done. But when you understand the tri-dimensional nature of man's composition you will begin to see that there is a method and madness to excellence. Here the approach is more holistic in terms of giving people an opportunity to look at their effort and output in the totality of the human experience. Relying on debunking some traditional myths, business speaker Krish Dhanam will draw an anthropological thread for success and significance.

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