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Mandy  Harvey

Mandy Harvey

Deaf Singer-Songwriter, Former Finalist on America's Got Talent


“Mandy is one of the best speakers and performers I have seen in my entire career. As the head of a national nonprofit that hosts a 20-year old major annual event that attracts thousands of participants, we demand the highest caliber of performer. She captivates the audience and delivers a powerful message that sticks with you.”

Mandy Harvey is a deaf American singer-songwriter. A Vocal Music Education major at Colorado State University, Mandy lost her residual hearing in 2006-2007 at age eighteen due to a connective tissue disorder and left the program. She pursued several career options, including education, but returned to music in 2008. She quickly became a regular performer at Jay’s Bistro in Fort Collins and then branched out to having regular concerts at Dazzle Jazz Lounge in Denver (Top 100 Jazz venues in the world). Read More >

Mandy’s music attracts the attention of those around the world, adding to her message of hope, dream and believe. As you have seen, Mandy has made a tremendous impact by way of America’s Got Talent having reached the finals and was Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer Winner, and in addition, CNN’s Great Big Story captured over 10 million hits on social media. Burt’s Bees signed her up for their “Remarkable Women” campaign. NBC Nightly News profiled her, and she has started performing at the world’s most prestigious clubs, concert stages and festivals.

Not content to rest on her burgeoning recording career, her live performances, and her inspirational speaking, Mandy just released her first book title; Sensing The Rhythm, Finding My Voice In a World Without Sound published by Howard Books/Simon & Schuster, with a message of helping others to realize their dreams and pursue their hopes. As an Ambassador for No Barriers USA, she travels the country to heighten awareness, break down blocks, challenge stereotypes, and lead the charge toward a brighter future for all.

While her dream of becoming a choir director has died, the music is still alive and well within her. Though her hearing loss is profound, her timing, pitch and passion are perfect. With support from friends, family and her faith, Mandy continues to find joy in the music. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

Singing Without Sound | Great Big Story

Deaf Singer Earns Simon’s Golden Buzzer| America’s Got Talent 2017

Speech Topics

Surviving the Death of Your Dream

Mandy had always planned on a career in music but lost her hearing while pursuing her music major in college. She almost gave up but found a way to re-gain hope and "Try" - leading her right back to her dream.

Sensing the Rhythm: Exploring Music Without Hearing

Mandy explores the practical side of playing music and singing although she is deaf. She talks about all of the steps she takes to be able to perform, solo and with her band, and about her route back to playing music.

Embracing the Silence: Finding New Reasons to Smile

No one would argue that it's easy, but, faced with an unexpected disability, Mandy has found a path to a fulfilling life. She shares some of the ideas and experiences that have helped her achieve this.

Belonging: Connecting with an Empowering Community

Mandy is not alone as she faces and overcomes challenges, and there is strength in numbers. She discusses people and organizations she has connected with and been inspired by.

Facing Your Fears: One Small Step at a Time

Mandy's story is unique, but she has a lot to say that is helpful to people with and without disabilities, to help them move forward in a world that can seem full of obstacles.

Hidden Challenges: Understanding Invisible Disabilities

So many disabilities are under the surface, and this can present a challenge of its own. A little education can go a long way toward bringing about a greater awareness.