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Manny  Medrano

Manny Medrano

Supreme Court / Legal Affairs Correspondent


As the Supreme Court/Legal Affairs Correspondent for ABC News, Manuel Medrano has covered some of the most important national news stories of the past decade.  With a front row seat to news events, Medrano has unique insight into stories that have changed the fabric and landscape of our society. Read More >

An embodiment of the American success story, his personal journey has taken him from a gang-infested barrio to the pinnacle of journalism as an Emmy-award winning network correspondent.  Prior to becoming a broadcast journalist, Manuel was a federal criminal prosecutor who never lost a jury trial.  He braved death threats to successfully prosecute the drug cartel leaders that kidnapped, tortured and murdered DEA federal drug agent Enrique Camarena.  Medrano is the recipient of numerous awards and honors for his trial lawyer achievements.

A successful trial attorney and news correspondent, Medrano provides a behind-the-scenes look at current and controversial legal issues.  From high profile cases involving celebrities, to headline-grabbing political cases, he cuts through the legal jargon and focuses on the people and players behind the headlines.  Audiences will learn for the first time of the intense legal wrangling and astonishing personal struggles that took place during some of the most notorious cases of our time.

As a member of the prestigious US Supreme Court press corps, Medrano discusses the inner-workings of the highest court in the land.  His fast-paced presentation examines landmark, controversial decisions that have forever changed our daily lives.  He offers his unique insights into the inner-workings of the Court and discusses the fascinating political backdrop to the intricate “chess game” unfolding daily as potential Supreme Court nominees are thrown into the arena.

Medrano’s personal keynote is a powerful presentation that resonates with audiences because it touches on the themes of personal obstacles and the irrepressible human spirit. Born to immigrant parents, he pulled himself out of a crime-ridden barrio to go on to graduate with honors from Harvard College and then Harvard Law School, culminating in two immensely successful careers.  With humor and unflinching passion, he challenges people to conquer fear and self-doubt, and embark on their own journey of self-discovery and empowerment as a means to reach their personal and professional goals. Read Less ^

Speech Topics

Election 2016

Medrano has witnessed history in the making in an up close and personal environment. Covering all of the top, landmark, and controversial events in the United States throughout the past decade, Medrano has gained unique experience second to none. Born from immigrant parents, Medrano understands personally some of the issues most central to this election and can provide a legally-educated insight on such things. Medrano is a voice you want to hear during your next election discussion.

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