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Mary Ann  Bauman

Mary Ann Bauman

Women's Health Expert


Medical Director for Women’s Health and Community Relations at Integris Health Inc., author of Fight Fatigue—Six Simple Steps to Maximize Your Energy, and pioneer of “On Your Own” program, which focuses on health issues facing teens, Dr. Mary Ann Bauman provides medical information without the confusing medical jargon, using humor to emphasize her points and is a strong advocate for healthy living.  Read More >

Her book, Fight Fatigue helps women tackle the all-too-common problem of feeling run down and tired. As fatigue is the #1 reason women visit their doctors, Dr. Bauman emphasizes taking action to identify and eliminate personal energy thieves. Although Fight Fatigue does target women, Dr. Bauman presents on the mind-body connection, heart disease and preventive health -- topics equally enjoyed by both men and women.

Featured daily on Oklahoma’s KWTV, Dr. Bauman answers viewer medical questions, providing her with a broad range of information on a wide variety of healthcare topics. Her comments on energy, fatigue, and preventive health issues have appeared in national publications including Cosmopolitan, Health, Family Circle, and WebMD.  Dr. Bauman also serves on the Editorial Board of Medical Economics magazine.

Dr. Bauman regularly speaks for the American Heart Association (AHA) and currently serves as the president of the Oklahoma City affiliate, a position she also held in 2001. She was appointed to the six-state Heartland Affiliate Board in 2005 and served on the task force to establish the new South Central Affiliate in 2007. She is involved in the AHA’s “Go Red for Women’s initiative” and is on the National Spokesperson panel.

A popular speaker with both men and women’s groups, she is a great motivator and her passion is contagious.  Her mantra, “insight is not enough,” helps the audience realize that they need to actually change behavior not just understand the concepts.  Dr. Bauman always provides practical tips and welcomes Q&A. Read Less ^

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