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Miha  Pogacnik

Miha Pogacnik

Cultural Ambassador, the Republic of Slovenia, Experiential Leader & Innovation Catalyst


Through his unique Resonance Platform, Miha Pogacnik taps the largely unexplored potential of art as a significant force for productivity, creativity and organizational renewal. Through his deep appreciation of the human journey as an artist, Miha takes his clients through an intense resonance platform experience to enable their own creative resolution for change and transformation. Read More >

Artists who reach creative genius, like Miha, have a purpose-driven method, and it is exactly that process that Miha has been using for decades to develop leadership teams of corporate giants like Johnson & Johnson, Bosch, IBM, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Shell, Novartis, BIAH, Electrolux, Unilever, World Bank, Harvard Business School... and many others.
No prior musical knowledge is required, only an open mind and readiness to be challenged on both the left and right side of the brain. Welcome to a different and vibrant experience! As Miha shares: “For management achieving excellence is the goal; but for us, performing artists, it is the starting point. For us only striving for genius matters, for uniqueness, once-and-never again, for a compelling, vibrant vision of the Big Picture. And these are also the parameters of genuine leadership in these turbulent times of change, uncertainty and systemic multiple crisis.”

Miha is adjunct professor of Art and Leadership at IEDC – Bled School of Management. His life has been marked by social innovations, including creation of over 200 intercultural festivals in crisis areas of the world, and in the course of last 20 years working with leadership of over 100 global brand companies, appearing at the World Economic Forum in Davos and China, and European Economic Forum in Alpbach, Austria, as well as in different Agencies of the UN. He has been teaching at business schools like Harvard, INSEAD, IMD, IESE Barcelona, CEIBS Shanghai, THNK Amsterdam, Berlin School of Creative Leadership and Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo. Miha is CIO – Chief Inspiration Officer of the Institute for Development of Intercultural Relations through the Arts (IDRIART) and Managing Director of Ecoculture. His last social creation is Terra Parzival, European Regional Development Model. Also, he serves as Cultural Ambassador of Slovenia. Read Less ^

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TEDx: A Creative Detour to Unleash Human Potential

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A Creative Detour to Unleash Human Potential

The artistic process in business is about exploring unknown paths, radically changing directions, if necessary, making detours, abandoning failure and starting anew. This is how the greatest artists tap their deepest human potential when creating a masterpiece, and it is this framework of purpose-driven mastery that world-renowned violinist and leadership consultant Miha Pogacnik shares with his audiences. He takes them on a creative detour that helps each individual unleash a powerful new method to tap into their deepest human potential to solve challenging problems with vision, structure, and determined resolve. These are the capabilities that will help each person push through these uncertain times with a calling toward greatness. And even if they do not reach mastery, the journey alone will make each person and their final outcome better and stronger. Read More >

Takeaways: Read Less ^

  • Amplify engaged and empathetic listening skills
  • Embrace new tools for decoding challenges
  • Incorporate creative, solutions-based dialogue toward transformation