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Nick  Bilton

Nick Bilton

Technology Journalist & Author


Technology journalist and the author of the acclaimed I Live in the Future & Here's How It Works, Nick Bilton is an expert on how our byte-sized and ever-mobile culture affects our brains and our lives, and how companies can harness that knowledge to engage consumers and grow their business. Read More >

Previously the lead technology writer for Bits Blog, design integration editor and the user interface specialist and researcher for The New York Times and Company Research and Development Lab, Bilton explored technologies that could become commonplace within the next ten years.

Outside of The Times, he helped co-found NYCResistor, a hacker space in Brooklyn that offers hardware and programming classes and allows people to collectively work on innovative open source hardware and robotics projects. He is also currently an adjunct professor for New York University's interactive telecommunications program. His work has also appeared in WiredEngadgetScientific America, ABC, CNet, O'Reilly Radar, and AlleyInsider.

In an ever-changing world of technology, social media, mobile devices, and integration, it's hard to not only keep up, but plan ahead. In his enlightening multimedia presentations, Bilton bolsters his audience's confidence by explaining that despite living in an age of continuous advancements, the way human beings collect information remains the same throughout time: a method based in primitive storytelling.

Nick Bilton holds a degree in journalism and documentary film from the New School University and a degree in graphic design from the School of Visual Arts. Read Less ^

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I Live in the Future & Here's How It Works

How will we communicate with customers and tell stories about our industries in the next two or 20 years? How will our compulsion to constantly multitask and our byte-sized culture affect business and society? Nick Bilton reveals why organizations that stay on the cutting edge of the technology curve have a significant advantage over others in reaching consumers and growing their business. Read More >

In a presentation that is both visionary and practical, Bilton examines how the Internet is creating a new type of consumer, why social networks are essential anchoring tools, and how great storytelling and extended relationships will enable businesses to engage with customers in new ways. He also gives audiences a peek into emerging technologies—everything from flexible displays to telepresence to cars that drive themselves—that will change the way we work and live. Read Less ^

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