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Palin & Brazile

Palin & Brazile

Bridging the Political Divide

Palin & Brazile: Bridging the Political Divide

Sarah Palin, the GOP’s first female vice presidential candidate, became a conservative icon and Republican kingmaker. Donna Brazile, the first African-American to head a presidential campaign, went on to lead the Democratic National Committee at a critical juncture in the 2016 campaign. They couldn’t be more different. Or, more surprisingly similar. Both are political trailblazers known for speaking their minds—and for passionately speaking out for ordinary Americans. In this powerful conversation, two of the most respected and outspoken women in American politics examine our increasingly polarized country and the future of the Republican and Democratic parties. This very honest look at both sides of the partisan divide finds new hope in the values and ideals that can bring us together as Americans. 

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