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Robert  Kriegel

Robert Kriegel

Expert in Sports & Performance Psychology


One of the most in-demand business speakers, Dr. Robert Kriegel teaches bold, innovative, “out of the box” strategies for keeping ahead of the changes, challenges, and competition in today’s dynamic marketplace. Read More >

Author of the national bestseller If It Ain’t Broke... BREAK IT!, Dr. Kriegel has been called by US News & World Report one of this country’s leading authorities in the field of change and human performance. He has also penned Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers, a BusinessWeek Bestseller, How to Succeed in Business Without Working So Damn Hard, a book about innovation and “out of the box” thinking, and his latest, Performance Under Pressure: Being at your best when it counts!

Dr. Kriegel has been a commentator on NPR’s “Marketplace” program, did two specials for PBS, and has appeared on Oprah and Donny Deutsch’s The Big Idea.

An all-American athlete and pioneer in the field of sports psychology, Dr. Kriegel has coached both Olympic and pro athletes, and was a co-founder of one of the first institutes of sports psychology in the country. The New York Times said his work “spurred a revolution in performance practices.” He is the co-author of the New York Times Bestseller Inner Skiing and has done color commentary for the US Professional Ski Tour on ESPN.

Dr. Kriegel has taught at Stanford University’s Executive Management Program and is a former advertising executive for Young and Rubicam in New York, where he managed such major accounts as Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and Travelers Insurance. He was also a member of the California Governor’s Council on Health Wellness and Physical Fitness.

Dr. Kriegel’s customized speeches and programs will entertain, inform, and inspire you. He will teach you how to develop and lead change-ready people and organizations. You will learn how to round up “sacred cows” that cost money and inhibit change and new opportunities. He also outlines strategies for gaining the competitive edge by not competing but changing the game, leading customers not following them, and rethinking rules, redefining roles, and reinventing the game. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

Leadership and Caring

Reinvent the Game

Being Change Ready

Speech Topics

Thriving in Times of Turbulence and Uncertainty

Kriegel discusses how to develop and lead Change-Ready people and organizations that are proactive not reactive, leaders not followers, and out in front of the wave rather than struggling to keep up.

Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers

In this keynote speech, Krigel discusses eliminating outdated thinking and practices
How to:

  • Round up Sacred Cows that cost money and prevent change and innovation
  • Have a Sacred Cow hunt
  • Streamline processes and operations
  • Control email epidemics, paper piles and meeting mania

If It Ain't Broke...BREAK IT!

  • Riding the wave of change without wiping out
  • Flipping rules, looking outside & thinking like a beginner
  • Bold, innovative ‘out of the box’ thinking strategies for:
    • Keeping ahead of change
    • Solving old problems in new ways
    • Creating new opportunities and possibilities

Leading Change-Ready People and Organizations

  • Three strategies for motivating people to change
  • Creating an environment where innovation flourishes
  • Steps for turning ideas into action
  • How to overcome ‘firehosing’ and resistance to change"

The Hi Tech - Hi Touch Formula

  • Out of the Back Room and onto the Front Line
  • High Tech needs high touch to be highly successful
  • How to think strategically and add value to business units
  • How to sell to internal customers

Motivation & Recognition Events

  • Using success as a springboard to greater heights
  • Why some people keep winning and others don’t
  • The most overlooked strategy for keeping on top
  • How to conquer the sabotage thinking that traps winners
  • Why you should always mess with success

Winning Under Pressure

Developing a Change Ready Mindset

  • Creating change not just responding to it
  • Becoming proactive not reactive, leading not following
  • Playing to win rather than not to lose
  • Increasing motivation and excitement about change

Sales, Marketing, & Customer Service

  • Selling solutions not products to keep out of ‘commodity hell
  • Innovative strategies for:
    • Surprising not just satisfying customers
    • Differentiating from the competition
    • Outthinking not outworking the competition