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Sam  Geist

Sam Geist

Consultant / Facilitator


For nearly 20 years, Sam Geist has distinguished himself as a professional speaker, consultant, and facilitator to a diverse group of organizations across North and South America.  He remarks, “As a speaker and facilitator, my role is to motivate, to stimulate, to challenge, to ask questions, to search for answers.  I always ask, ‘Why should someone do business with you rather than someone else?’  It’s the toughest question I know. One that every organization must ask everyday—and must answer honestly.” Read More >

In today’s highly competitive business environment, Geist challenges organizations to take a close look at what sets them apart from the competition.  It’s no longer simply about quality, service, and operations – it’s how you package it all together and what you do to be perceived as different, special, and better than others.  Says Geist, “Questions inspire thought and answers motivate action.”

Utilizing his own business experiences as a former owner/operator of a national sporting goods chain and as president of a marketing and consulting firm, he customizes motivational “ideas” seminars, training sessions, and hands-on interactive workshops to provide focused, actionable solutions.  Programs center on business strategy, leadership, customer service, the changing marketplace and maximizing staff productivity.  Participants leave more informed, energized and, most importantly, ready to act. 

Geist is the author of Execute…or Be Executed; Why Should Someone Do Business With You...Rather Than Someone Else?; and Would You Work for You? Read Less ^

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Speech Excerpt on Executing Business Strategies

Speech Excerpt on Business Strategy

Helping Organization Take Their Business to the Next Level

Speech Topics

Why Should Someone Do Business With You?

This fast paced program focuses on strategies to increase your effectiveness in vital business areas. It challenges participants by asking tough questions, since questioning inspires thought, answering motivates action. It provides the wherewithal to recognize and maximize: your resources, the effects of environmental trends and every day opportunities and challenges. Read More >


  • Would you do business with you? Why? Why not?
  • Where do you see your business one year from today? Five years from today?
  • If your business disappeared from the face of the planet tomorrow, would anyone notice--would anyone mourn?


  • Identify trends and counter trends.
  • Identify means to be memorable in the marketplace.
  • Garner specific techniques that make staff ambassadors not assassins.
  • Identify and implement appropriate and effective leadership style.


By the conclusion of the program, you will be able to: Read Less ^

  • Maximize the positive impact and minimize the negative impact of marketplace trends and counter trends.
  • Develop the strategies and techniques to execute an effective plan.
  • Engage in productive dialog with staff, management, customers and suppliers.
  • Implement an appropriate plan to get and keep today’s customers.

The Wake-Up Call: Today’s Business Rules Have Changed

It’s time to play by the new rules and win the game.  An interactive, half-day program, The Wake-Up Call is a powerful group synthesis of essential leadership and management strategies.  This program offers concrete strategies, specific actionable ideas and tools designed to grow your agency while you capitalize on the opportunities available in our new marketplace.  Geist will help you focus on the integral work required in your agency today, and will ensure you are able to play your best game. Read More >

Seize your opportunity now! Ask yourself: Read Less ^

  • Is your company growing or shrinking? Why?
  • How well do you execute? What’s getting in the way of getting things done?
  • Where do you see your company in two years? What are you doing now to move you there?

Would You Work for You?

Does that question cause you a little discomfort?  A bit of anxiety?  Would you go into the trenches for you, everyday, and be happy about it?  Do your leadership skills, values, and vision inspire followership, or do they encourage dreams of escape?  Would You Work for You? has been developed to help relieve the conditions that cause this widespread unease.  No matter whether you are a leader of many, a leader of a few or a leader of only yourself, effective leadership is a major element in both personal and business success.  The challenge to lead well – very well – has never been greater than it is now. Read More >

In this program, Sam Geist encourages participants to look in the mirror and be accountable for who they see there.  He feels that once participants see themselves with all their warts, they are able to make the changes necessary to become the leader they too would like to work for.

The perspective put forward is that leaders must blend together the art and science of leadership with its psychology to motivate, inspire and ensure employees take ownership of roles and responsibilities.

During the program, questions such as these are asked and answered:

  • What would you rank as the most important quality of a leader? Why?
  • What is your greatest strength? Biggest weakness?
  • What motivates your people to do their best job? What satisfies them?
  • What makes your organization one of the best to work for? What could you implement to make it even better?
  • Would you or wouldn’t you work for you, based on your ability to keep your organization moving forward?

This thought-provoking program offers new ideas to implement and innovative directions in which to grow, enhancing your leadership skills in both the workplace and in your personal life.  It will make you a better leader and a better person.  It will enable you to look in the mirror and smile at what you see. Read Less ^

Execute or Be Executed: Twenty One Ways to Move Talk Into Action

Why Should Someone Do Business With You...Rather Than Someone Else?©

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