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Sam  Geist

Sam Geist

Business Management Expert and Best-Selling Author


No idle armchair philosopher, Sam’s insights stem from years of front-line business experience. He grew his single sporting goods store into a 15-store $40 million dollar a year national chain before he sold it to his competitor. He opened a marketing and consulting agency, based on the full-service customer approach he had honed in the retail arena, and then went on to learn an entirely new set of skills and experiences. When his marketing clients began asking him to speak to their clients he discovered his true calling. Read More >

Sam’s early business roots taught him well about our volatile, ever-changing marketplace. His experiences provide him with an invaluable dual perspective—both as client and marketer—a perspective he has been sharing with audiences across North & South America and Europe for the last 15 years.

His business programs are not just theoretical speeches, they offer tangible ideas, and solutions. They provide a wealth of actionable information as well as the impetus to act on it. Sam questions. He challenges. He informs. He refocuses participants. He provides actionable strategies to address the obstacles faced by so many of today’s organizations.

During hands-on, interactive discussions and brainstorming workshops, Sam uses the Socratic method to encourage participants to question themselves, to think about their business in new ways in order to change, improve, and grow. He insists that asking tough questions—and answering them honestly—is crucial to the well being of your organization. He shows you how to capitalize on your resources, and how to use your knowledge more profitably than you ever did before.

As a consultant he also uses his extensive experience to assist companies involved in refocusing or restructuring, develop a unique road map to create their own future.

Sam has written Why Should Someone Do Business With You… Rather Than Someone Else? an interactive book on business strategy that has assisted thousands of marketers to review, renew and move ahead of the marketplace. His second book, Would You Work for You? is a thought-provoking touchstone to encourage leaders to better see themselves, their relationships and their skills to enable them to lead their organizations effectively.  His third book, Execute… or Be Executed assists leaders to take their innovative ideas and move them forward to successfully execute them in every area of their organization. He has also written two short business guides—”Make It Happen: Twenty Ways to Execute Your Strategy Every Day” and “Why Should Someone Do Business With You… Rather Than Someone Else: Eighteen Strategies to Get and Keep Customers.” Read Less ^

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Speech Excerpt on Executing Business Strategies

Speech Excerpt on Business Strategy

Helping Organization Take Their Business to the Next Level

Speech Topics

On Managing Talent: Frontline = Bottomline

This program outlines specific and workable strategies to better manage your employees—your talent. It focuses on the understanding that your employees drive your organization. They are your front face. By increasing the percentage of producers who work in your organization and decreasing the percentage of destructive “bodies,” your organization benefits immeasurably. Read More >

Producers speed up the decision making process. They enable a faster response to change. They capacitate a more effective use of resources and assets.

With employees committed to your mission, with staff engaged and happy to come to work everyday the possibilities that can be achieved by you and your organization are limitless. Read Less ^

On Business Strategy: Why Should Someone Do Business With You… Rather Than Someone Else

This fast paced program focuses on strategies to increase your effectiveness in vital business areas. It challenges participants by asking tough questions, since questioning inspires thought, answering motivates action. It provides the wherewithal to recognize and maximize: your resources, the effects of environmental trends and every day opportunities and challenges.

On Competing Successfully: Compete for Today: Build for Tomorrow

This timely interactive program is a positive response to today’s fast-changing and ever-evolving marketplace conditions. It adopts the premise that during these challenging times, (created by accelerated competition and volatile change) you must make smart competitive decisions today, as well as sustain a future-focused approach in order to ensure continued growth for tomorrow. Read More >

By focusing on how to compete for today and build for tomorrow, the discussion of how to get ‘there’ from ‘here’ is ever at the forefront. Read Less ^

On Execution: Execute… or Be Executed

This program is a wake up call. It addresses a vital issue in business today: the failure to execute. Read More >

We all talk about what we want to do, about what we’re going to do—but talk doesn’t move ideas. When Sam asks marketers what is their biggest challenge, most reply that it is the struggle to move their strategies to reality. When he asks, “how would you rate yourself (on a scale of 1 to 10 on implementing your strategy?”—he discovers that the average rating is 6.2. The fact is in today’s marketplace 6.2 just doesn’t cut it.

Recognizing the huge gap between talk and action, this program’s premise is that the engine that drives business today is execution. In order to survive you must execute your plans and strategies.

This program helps participants take what they already know and act upon it. It assists them develop a personal step-by-step approach that enables them to implement their strategies successfully into their everyday work lives. How-to execute questions such as the following, are answered: what steps need to be taken… how to get everyone involved in the execution process… what skills are needed… when to start… how to best use available resources to execute… how technology affects execution… how to keep it going… and many, many more.

It outlines the execution process, emphasizing all the perspectives that effect execution: the customer, the organization, the distribution channel, the people, and technology. Read Less ^

On Leadership: Would You Work for You?

This program encourages you to blend together the art and science of leadership with its psychology—enabling you to motivate, to inspire and to ensure your staff take ownership of their roles and responsibilities while you are effective in your role. The program highlights differentiating between being a boss and a leader; discovering where your strengths and weaknesses lie; determining how to energize those who work with you; utilizing all your tools; and developing an ongoing execution strategy.

On Customer Service: If I Hear Customer Service One More Time, I’ll …

This program provides you with invaluable insights to distinguish your staff and your organization from everyone else in the marketplace. It outlines a new perspective with which to view service. It discusses innovative tools to turn your newfound knowledge into action—to turn intangibles into tangibles. Highlighted are the critical advantages of exemplary service; the moments of truth in every organization; developing excellent service providers; and growing new strategies for the long term.

On Differentiation: Differentiate… or Die

Transitional times negate the “business as usual” approach. They offer the perfect opportunity to adopt a bold plan, to take a firm stand to differentiate yourself and your organization from the competition. Presented are viable options to create effective differentiation, to grow your organization, to enhance your profitability and to loyalize customers. This program enables you to discover your unique point of difference and how you can capitalize on it in a marketplace blinded by overexposure.