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Shane  Snow

Shane Snow

Bestselling Author of Smartcuts & Co-Founder of Contently


“The next Gladwell.” That's what fans and critics from Forbes to The L.A. Times are calling award-winning journalist, best-selling author, and internationally acclaimed keynote speaker Shane Snow. A dynamic storyteller and celebrated serial entrepreneur, Snow has been declared a “Wunderkind" by The New York Times, a “Maverick” by Details Magazine, and his work “Insanely addicting” by GQ. Read More >

Snow is the best-selling author of Smartcuts and the new book Dream Teams, as well as the co-author of the Storytelling Edge. His writing has appeared in numerous publications, including WiredThe New YorkerFast CompanyThe Washington Post, Time and Advertising Age. He’s been named one of Business Insider’s "Coolest People in Tech," a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, one of Forbes’s “30 Under 30 Media Innovators” and a recipient of Columbia University’s prestigious annual “Innovator Award” for furthering the cause of journalism. As a member of LinkedIn’s exclusive Influencer program, he blogs alongside Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson. He is also the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Contently, a content technology company that works with Fortune 500 companies from American Express to GE to Coca-Cola, and one of Inc’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies in America.

In his entertaining and provocative keynote presentations, Snow shatters common wisdom in a dynamic style that’s been described as “Good to Great meets MacGyver.” Through gripping stories and surprising research, he blends art and science to offer fresh insight on topics from teamwork and collaboration to innovation and personal development to the power of storytelling. The BBC says that Snow’s ideas, "could change your life," and Maxim Magazine adds, "Snow is not telling you how to succeed; he's daring you to do it." Read Less ^

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Dream Teams: The Hidden Science of Breakthrough Collaboration

Be the first to get a peek at the powerful insights from award-winning entrepreneur and author Shane Snow’s new book on the extraordinary new art and science of teamwork. Join him on an intellectual adventure through history, neuroscience, psychology and business, exploring the counter-intuitive secrets of the world’s most successful teams and coalitions. You’ll learn about the surprising factor behind most failed mergers and marriages; how a certain method of fighting is more useful than brainstorming; how properly leveraging “diversity of thought” helps groups outmatch much more talented teams; the science of becoming open-minded—and the outsize effect it has on group success; and the counter-intuitive truths about becoming better team players ourselves. This brilliant and entertaining keynote performance will change the way you think about people, progress, and collaboration.

The Storytelling Edge: How to Transform Your Business, Stop Screaming Into the Void & Make People Love You

In this entertaining and action-oriented keynote session, Snow shares the fascinating content strategy insights behind his award-winning company and hit book The Storytelling Edge. Why do twice as many people trust J.K. Rowling than the Queen of England? How do some companies build incredible brands, gain massive mindshare, and change their customers’ minds seemingly overnight while others toil for years to do the same? Read More >

The answer to all of these is the same: through the power of great storytelling. With his signature blending of dramatic narrative and rigorous science, Snow shows not only how each member of the audience can use storytelling to supercharge their respective jobs, but how stories work at a neurological level and how our organizations can harness their power to build relationships, make people care, and spur the change we need. Read Less ^

Collision Theory: Why So Many Groups Break Down… But Some Break Through

Award-winning entrepreneur and author Shane Snow takes audiences on a tour of his groundbreaking new research that examines the truth about team dynamics — and the counter-intuitive reasons some groups thrive, while far too many collaborations fail. Through surprising studies and stories spanning business, sports, law enforcement, and social movements, Snow explores how the world’s greatest collaborators and coaches get people who dislike each other to collaborate; why “culture fit” is stupid; and the science of leveraging diverse backgrounds and skills to make teams smarter. Discover the secrets through the stories of feuding rappers, rag-tag soccer teams, real-life buddy cops, special forces soldiers and dominatrices, disruptive companies and subversive city planners, a gang of pirates who joined forces with their enemies to save their city, and the surprising collaborations that helped America change its mind on gay rights, immigrants, and mental health. The payoff: a series of delicious insights on day-to-day progress and a blueprint for changing the world together.

Smartcuts: Accelerating Innovation & Change Through The Power of Lateral Thinking

Breakthrough innovation happens when we rethink conventional wisdom. But how do you train yourself, and your organization, to think differently? How do you foster an environment where it’s safe to do so, where innovation can thrive without destroying your business? How do the world’s most clever companies manage to not only endure change, but harness it to climb to new heights? How do rocket makers and children’s hospitals stay alive in the face of market shifts and competitive challenges? What can established businesses learn from revolutionaries, crazy geniuses, and crackpot comedians to help manage changes big and small? In this dynamic and surprising keynote session, innovation expert Shane Snow reveals the formula from his bestselling book Smartcuts: The Breakthrough Power of Lateral Thinking, packaging rigorous research with compelling stories that will inspire your teams with a formula to unlock innovation in any industry, and showing attendees—workers and leaders alike—how to beat the plateau and generate momentum in work and life.

Accelerating Innovation In Health Care

When lives are at stake, every detail matters. But it can be hard to gain momentum and innovate in matters as complicated as health, or as complex as the human body. In this high energy session, bestselling innovation writer Shane Snow shows how some of world's most interesting developments in health care have come about, and how health organizations today can use what psychologists call "lateral thinking" to approach their challenges in new and exciting ways. From children's hospitals that save lives by studying race car drivers, to lessons from botched heart surgeries, to the creation of groundbreaking hospital tech for 1/100th of the cost, to managing organizational change in the health sector, this dynamic, research-rich and narrative-driven keynote will help you see health industry challenges with fresh eyes — and leave you with a framework for making change in your organization not just possible, but faster.