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Sophia A. Nelson

Sophia A. Nelson

Media Commentator, Columnist & Author


Sophia A. Nelson, Esquire is an award-winning author of two non-fiction books and an award-winning journalist for her groundbreaking feature magazine articles. She has appeared on every major network, media outlet, and cable news show platform. Her work and advice have been endorsed by top writers, journalists and business leaders. Read More >

A former Congressional Committee Investigative counsel and corporate lobbyist, Nelson left legal practice in 2007 to pursue her childhood passion to become a journalist. In 2008, she became a freelance reporter and White House correspondent for JET Magazine and various other outlets.

She is now a noted TV and radio personality, as well as a highly sought-after motivational speaker and corporate leadership trainer for Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and major universities. She contributes regularly to national media outlets.

Nelson is a lifelong, well-known black moderate Republican. However, what makes her unique is that she is very well respected in the black community, and is viewed as a role model for women and girls around the globe.

She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She was the first White House Correspondent for the iconic JET Magazine in 2009-2012. She is a corporate diversity champion award winner (2012). A Pulitzer Prize-nominated author in letters (2011). And Nelson receives over 30 paid speeches and corporate engagements per year. She is a true crossover writer in both her careers as a journalist and an author. She has a strong female base of support across racial, religious, and socio-economic lines.

Nelson’s book, E Pluribus ONE, explains what Americans need to do to unify our country and become a great nation again. Nelson encourages readers to reclaim America's lost political enthusiasm, passion, and civility by introducing the codes of how Americans are called to lead and be engaged as citizens. Readers will be energized and motivated to focus on our Oneness in a way that we have not, since our great democratic republic was formed in 1776. Read Less ^

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Free Speech vs. Hate Speech

When is the line crossed? What does the 1st Amendment really mean?

E Pluribus One: Reclaiming Our Founding Fathers Vision for a United America

A talk and road map to help audiences understand how history relates to where we are today. Read More >

Nelson takes your audience on a journey to understand the role some of America’s most important figures played in the building of our nation. Read Less ^

21st Century Solutions

What can you do to make sure the next generation will be the first to have less wealth and opportunity than their parents’ generation?

Free Speech, Dissent & the Constitution

A hallmark that makes America the great envy of the world, can we today truly have courageous conversations and dialogues about America’s racial history without fear of isolation or reprisal?

What is Your Workplace EIQ?

Nelson works with Employee Resource Groups, and Corporate leaders on the 3 "F's" of Emotional Intelligence Success to help build teams, and win at corporate management.

What is Your Corporate Code?

Based on Nelson's award winning Everyone book, "The Woman Code." Everyone Lives by A Code. What is yours and how is it impacting your success in the workplace and beyond.

Inclusion is the New Diversity!

Corporations must shift from a diversity model to a truly inclusive workplace where women, people of color and all have a voice in corporate management, strategy and outlook.