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Steve  Van Aperen

Steve Van Aperen

Expert on Relationships in Business


Following a long and illustrious career as a polygraph tester in the Australian Police Force—for which he conducted thousands of interviews ranging from questioning homicide suspects (to date he’s worked on 57 serial killer and pedophile cases)to performing pre-employment screenings for some of the world’s biggest corporations—Steve van Aperen has emerged as the leading authority on human behavior and today devotes his knowledge to helping businesses thrive by improving human rapport… while he continues to consult his services to homicide detectives. Read More >

Business is all about relationships. From relationships between management and employees to those between company representatives and customers, a successful business is one in which individuals relate well with each other. And as Van Aperen has discovered, fruitful relationships are entirely dependent upon trust. Understanding this vital tenet, he provides audiences with the necessary tools to restore and strengthen trust within their business in order to give them a significant advantage over the competition. By addressing such questions as “How well can I read others?”, “How can I change my communication methods in order to inspire trust?”, and “How do I know if someone is hiding something?”, he offers techniques specifically designed to improve your business and your company’s bottom line immediately. A highly engaging speaker, he is charismatic and humorous, yet brutally honest.

Van Aperen trained with and examined polygraph testing and behavioral interview techniques utilized by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Polygraph Unit, US Secret Service, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Now the Director of SVA Training, he consults his services to government and corporate organizations throughout the world, including BMW, Deloitte, Ernst and Young, Financial Planners Association National Conference, Goldman Sachs, Health Insurance Commission, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Recruitment & Consulting Services Association. He is also the co-author of The Truth about Lies: Uncovering the Fact from Fiction, in which he explains how to effectively read people by drawing on a number of cases including OJ Simpson, Bill Clinton, David Beckham, and others. He has appeared on such media outlets as Access Hollywood, CNN with Sanjay Gupta, WB 11 Morning News, 60 Minutes, Madison Magazine, ABC News Australia, and more. Read Less ^

Speech Topics

Closing the Trust Gap: The Key to Better Business

How can we develop better leaders in our organization? How do we improve our customer service reputation? How can we hire better employees? How do we close more sales?

As we have become increasingly technologically savvy, we seem to have regressed in the key ability to relate and trust each other. We are more likely to shoot people an email, post on their Facebook wall, or tweet them than to actually communicate face to face—but you simply cannot build meaningful relationships in 140 characters. In many ways, technology has atrophied our ability to read people, to understand them, and ultimately, to trust them—as well as given us the greater ability to conceal our actual thoughts and feelings. So how do we build the interpersonal skills that make us remarkably better at business, and at life?

As an expert on human behavior, Steve van Aperen shows companies how to restore trust within their businesses. In this engaging keynote, he provides key advice on how to forge healthy relationships within the workforce and translate them into healthy communication with customers. This is an incredibly insightful and entertaining program with more take-home knowledge than you have ever experienced in a speech.

More Than Face Value: Explore How to Read People in Any Situation

Building Trust: The Five Behaviors That Lead to Distrust & How to Avoid Them

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The Truth about Lies