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Middle East:

Aaron David Miller
Aaron David Miller

Former Advisor on the Middle East & Author

After years of shaping US policy in the Middle East as an advisor to the State Department, speaker Aaron David Miller now serves as president of Seeds of Peace.

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Adam  Ellick
Adam Ellick

NYT Correspondent & Filmmaker

Adam Ellick is a Senior Video Journalist at The New York Times known primarily for “Class Dismissed: Malala’s Story.” Ellick has visited more than 70 countries, often earning a front row seat to historic events.

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Alon  Pinkas
Alon Pinkas

Former Consul General of Israel

With nearly two decades of experience in foreign affairs, Ambassador Alon Pinkas has devoted his career to Israeli international relations.

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Asra  Nomani
Asra Nomani

Journalist & Author

The author of Standing Alone in Mecca: An American Woman's Struggle for the Soul of Islam, she is a former Wall Street Journal correspondent. Her character figures promptly in the film A Mighty Heart.

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Avi  Issacharoff
Avi Issacharoff

Co-Creator & Writer of Fauda

Avi Issacharoff is the Middle East analyst for Walla website, the leading portal in Israel, and for The Times of Israel. He is the co-creator and writer of the action-drama series Fauda, which airs on Netflix.

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Chris  Hedges
Chris Hedges

Foreign Correspondent & Author

Author of War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning and a foreign correspondent in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans, Chris Hedges speaks on war, religion and the conflict in the Middle East. 

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Ambassador Daniel  Benjamin
Ambassador Daniel Benjamin

Former Head, Counterterrorism Bureau

Daniel Benjamin, who served as Ambassador-at-Large and Coordinator for Counterterrorism at the U.S. State Department, has become the go to expert in assessing the complex terrorism trends our world faces.

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George J. Mitchell
George J. Mitchell

Former US Senator / Author / Lawyer

Former US Senator from Maine, Mitchell served as the Chairman of the Peace Negotiations in Northern Ireland. Today, he remains instrumental in American foreign affairs and peace efforts, including the Middle East.

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