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LEAN Hospitals:

James  Womack
James Womack

"Lean Production" Expert

Management expert and speaker James Womack led the research team that coined the term "lean production" to describe the Toyota Production System.

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Roger  Gerard
Roger Gerard

Lean Healthcare Advocate

An expert in improving organizational performance, speaker Roger Gerard argues that the healthcare industry needs to adopt the principles of lean thinking to be more effective.

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Steven  Spear
Steven Spear

Innovation & Operational Expert

The author of the award-winning business book The High-Velocity Edge, speaker Steven Spear shows how to outrace rivals even in the most competitive industries.

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Gary S.  Kaplan
Gary S. Kaplan

Healthcare Administration Leader

As Chairman and CEO of the Virginia Mason Health System, Gary S. Kaplan applied the Toyota Production System to healthcare management – reducing high costs while improving quality, safety and efficiency.

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John  Brandt
John Brandt

Former Editor-in-Chief, IndustryWeek

Corporate speaker John Brandt has spent decades studying leadership in effective, purpose-driven organizations, including IndustryWeek & Chief Executive. 

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Ron  Galloway
Ron Galloway

Filmmaker & Researcher

Ron Galloway is the director of Why Wal-Mart Works and producer of Oflag 64: A P.O.W. Odyssey. He is a conservative columnist for Huffington Post and writes a Wal-Mart blog on why Wal-Mart does and does not work.

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