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Harry  Markopolos
Harry Markopolos

The Bernie Madoff Whistleblower

Markopolos was catapulted into the spotlight as the man who blew the whistle on Bernie Madoff and his $65 billion Ponzi scheme. He speaks about the Madoff scheme and how you can recognize and prevent fraud.

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Richard  Carmona
Richard Carmona

17th Surgeon General & CEO, Canyon Ranch Health

From the corporate boardroom to the Oval Office, organizations have consistently turned to Dr. Carmona to drive change and transform cultures.

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Stephen  Klasko
Stephen Klasko

President & CEO of Thomas Jefferson University

As the President and CEO of Philadelphia-based Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, Stephen K. Klasko is bridging the art and science of medicine and healthcare transformation.

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John J.  Nance
John J. Nance

Authority on Patient Safety & Attorney

John J. Nance, a native Texan, licensed attorney, and decorated Air Force pilot veteran, is the author of five non-fiction books, 13 fiction books, and the major healthcare book, Why Hospitals Should Fly.

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John  Izzo
John Izzo

Leadership Expert & Best-Selling Author

Best-selling author and speaker John Izzo helps leaders create workplaces that bring out the best in people, help them find purpose, and make them feel fulfilled. He is the author of Awakening Corporate Soul.

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Wes  Moore
Wes Moore

NYT Best-Selling Author & Motivational Leader

Acclaimed author Wes Moore energizes audiences with his remarkable personal story of overcoming adversity through education, embracing personal responsibility and emerging as an inspirational leader.

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David  Marx
David Marx

Just Culture Pioneer

As the head of Outcome Engenuity, Marx helps lawmakers, regulatory authorities, and organizational leaders create risk management solutions.

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Gary S.  Kaplan
Gary S. Kaplan

Healthcare Administration Leader

As Chairman and CEO of the Virginia Mason Health System, Gary S. Kaplan applied the Toyota Production System to healthcare management – reducing high costs while improving quality, safety and efficiency.

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