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Block Chain:

Alex "Sandy" Pentland
Alex "Sandy" Pentland

Leading IT Scientist

If the Big Data revolution has a presiding genius, it's Alex “Sandy” Pentland. Over years of groundbreaking experiments, he has distilled remarkable discoveries that have become the bedrock for social physics.

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Jeremiah  Owyang
Jeremiah Owyang

Founder, Crowd Companies

Silicon Valley’s Jeremiah Owyang takes you beyond spotting the latest trends, disruptions and technological advances. He shows you how to leverage these forces to shift your business model.

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Trace  Mayer
Trace Mayer

Leading Monetary Expert on Bitcoin & Gold

Trace Mayer is an entrepreneur, investor, journalist, monetary scientist and defender of freedom of speech. He discusses Bitcoin, cyber security, financial cryptography, digital currency and entrepreneurship.

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The Winklevoss Twins
The Winklevoss Twins

Entrepreneurs, Investors & Bitcoin Experts

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss were launched into the public consciousness in 2004, when they filed a lawsuit against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg that was settled for a value north of $200 million dollars.

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Tony  Gallippi
Tony Gallippi

Co-Founder & CEO of Bitpay, Inc.

Anthony Gallippi saw a need for an electronic payment processing system for the bitcoin currency. As one of the leading experts on digital currency, Gallippi co-founded his entrepreneurial vision, BitPay, Inc.

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Anat  Baron
Anat Baron

Former Head, Mike’s Hard Lemonade/Brand Builder

Known for her energizing presence and impressive track record as the force behind Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Anat Baron is a passionate problem-solver who helps your organization reset thinking, embrace change and overcome obstacles.

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Brian  Forde
Brian Forde

Expert on Blockchain & Emerging Technologies

Brian Forde has spent over a decade at the nexus of technology, entrepreneurship, and public policy. He is a Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management and co-founded the Digital Currency Initiative.

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