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Alan  Stein Jr.

Alan Stein Jr.

Performance Coach, Consultant & Author

Alan Stein Jr.

Performance Coach, Consultant & Author


Alan Stein, Jr. is an experienced performance coach, consultant, speaker and author. He spent 15+ years working with the highest-performing basketball players on the planet (including NBA superstar Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and Steph Curry). He now transfers his unique expertise to help businesses and organizations develop championship-level leadership, performance, cohesion, and accountability.

Alan teaches proven strategies to create winning mindsets, rituals, and routines during the unseen hours. He is a dynamic storyteller who delivers practical lessons that can be implemented immediately and his programs reveal how to utilize the same approaches in business that elite athletes use to perform at a world-class level.

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TEDx: Be Where Your Feet Are


A Lesson from Kobe

Speech Topics

Raise Your Game: What the Highest Performing Leaders Do During Unseen Hours

The keys to impactful, influential leadership are strategically closing your performance gap, learning how to embrace change, and creating an effective system to uphold organizational standards and collective accountability.

In this powerful session, Alan teaches participants how to master Unseen Hours, by utilizing the mindsets, habits, and routines of world-class athletes. Attendees walk away with actionable steps and a heightened sense of awareness and clarity to improve productivity, create winning habits, inspire teamwork, and maximize influence and impact.

Unbeatable Teams: How to Create Championship Cohesion, Accountability & Culture

How have certain teams and businesses been able to sustain unparalleled success while others are sporadic and inconsistent? Simple… it’s their culture.

Successful leaders recognize that their organizational culture is what drives long-term results. They have a firm grasp of their identity, they uphold incredibly high standards, and they foster an environment of collective accountability. This program is vital for anyone who wants to raise team performance, consistency and significance.

Alan shares strategies on how to empower everyone to lead; establish true role clarity; and create supreme team cohesion.

Skyrocket Your Sales Performance with the Mindsets, Rituals & Routines of World Class Performers

No matter what your sales system is or how rich your pipeline might be, if you’re not implementing the habits that elite performers use regularly, your ability to execute and close sales will always be limited. In others words… you will underperform.

Finding leads, qualifying leads, following up, and servicing clients depletes us of our two most precious resources – time and energy. Filled with stories, stats, and actionable steps, Alan will share how to maximize both time and energy, as well as teach strategies on moving to the next play, controlling the controllables, and trusting the process. This program is critical for anyone who wants to improve his or her sales performance.

In this session, Alan teaches the most effective ways to skyrocket sales performance.