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K-12 Education

K-12 Education

Respected experts on all aspects of education, school culture & parenting, celebrity advocates & more.

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Wes Moore

grayscale overlay Mayim  Bialik Thumbnail

Mayim Bialik

grayscale overlay Rachel  Simmons Thumbnail

Rachel Simmons

grayscale overlay Maria  Hinojosa Thumbnail

Maria Hinojosa

grayscale overlay Diane  Ravitch Thumbnail

Diane Ravitch

grayscale overlay John B. King Thumbnail

John B. King

grayscale overlay Temple  Grandin Thumbnail

Temple Grandin

grayscale overlay John  Quiñones Thumbnail

John Quiñones

grayscale overlay Rosalind  Wiseman Thumbnail

Rosalind Wiseman

grayscale overlay Michele  Borba Thumbnail

Michele Borba

grayscale overlay Ron  Suskind Thumbnail

Ron Suskind

grayscale overlay Yong  Zhao Thumbnail

Yong Zhao

grayscale overlay Nicholas  Kristof Thumbnail

Nicholas Kristof

grayscale overlay Jeffrey  Selingo Thumbnail

Jeffrey Selingo

grayscale overlay John  Medina Thumbnail

John Medina

grayscale overlay Sonia  Manzano Thumbnail

Sonia Manzano

grayscale overlay Richard  White Thumbnail

Richard White

grayscale overlay David  Epstein Thumbnail

David Epstein

grayscale overlay Malcolm  Mitchell Thumbnail

Malcolm Mitchell

grayscale overlay Dan  Rather Thumbnail

Dan Rather

grayscale overlay Eric  Liu Thumbnail

Eric Liu

grayscale overlay Christopher  Emdin Thumbnail

Christopher Emdin

grayscale overlay David  Hogg Thumbnail

David Hogg

grayscale overlay Talithia  Williams Thumbnail

Talithia Williams

grayscale overlay Steve  Pemberton Thumbnail

Steve Pemberton

grayscale overlay Donna Porter and DJ Batiste   Thumbnail

Donna Porter and DJ Batiste

grayscale overlay Geoffrey  Canada Thumbnail

Geoffrey Canada

grayscale overlay Jessica  Lahey Thumbnail

Jessica Lahey

grayscale overlay Freeman  Hrabowski Thumbnail

Freeman Hrabowski

APB is proud to represent dynamic speakers who motivate, educate, and inspire schools, parents, educators and communities to accomplish great things. Featuring nationally recognized and widely respected authorities on education, school culture, parenting, literacy, STEAM, social emotional learning, child welfare and more, our roster is extensive with speakers who motivate individuals to continue to invest themselves in building a better future for the children of tomorrow.

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CommunityWatchCommunityWatch is a directory of speakers that features nationally recognized and widely respected authorities on education, parenting and social issues. Caring for America's children involves the cooperation of families, teachers and communities working together towards a common goal - creating happy, healthy, responsible and productive adults.

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