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When it comes to planning an important event that will leave a lasting impression with attendees, APB knows how difficult finding the “right” speaker can be.  Having coordinated over 100,000 events in more than 60 countries over the past 50 years, we are uniquely qualified to be your source for today’s best speakers and programs. Read more below to learn what makes APB stand apart.

Speaker Selection & Program Consultation

 APB takes pride in our extremely qualified group of program consultants. Combined, they boast nearly 200 years of experience working with speakers, organizations, associations, nonprofits, and colleges and universities alike to help deliver cutting-edge, creative programming. Skilled in matching just the right speaker to the right event, our program consultants are known for maintaining a steady pulse on current events and for their developed knowledge in the areas of politics, literary arts, business, education, popular culture, and healthcare. They aren’t just searching a database for a name – they are drawing from extensive knowledge and experience to recommend someone appropriate for your event. It is demonstrating such attention to programming needs that sets our associates apart from the rest in the industry, resulting in an unsurpassed quality that clients have come to expect for more than 50 years.

Travel & Event Logistics

When you book a speaker through APB, we take care of the details so that you can focus on your event. APB’s client services department is a full-service travel agency with access to over 98% of the world’s airlines, hotels and ground transportation outlets. We take care of it all. Available around the clock should something go awry, you can trust in our team’s experience, organized itineraries, and attention to detail. Throughout the entire process, we keep you up-to-date, notifying you of any changes in travel or last minute arrangements. Our clients can count on a hassle-free speaker arrival and event execution without the added stress of coordinating needs and scheduling.

Creative Programming Ideas

 We understand that building a successful, entertaining, informative program can be a challenge. How do you attract the attention of an audience, hold its interest and effectively reach the goals your program set out to accomplish? At APB, we have had over 50 years of experience in helping clients address these and other overwhelming challenges associated with event planning. Our program consultants have seen what works and what doesn’t. This experience, coupled with their intimate knowledge of our vast roster, creative thinking and incredible foresight into the trends and hot button issues of the day, results in a program specialized to your needs and successfully aligned with your objectives. We work hand-in-hand with you to create programs that will impress, intrigue, and engage an audience, ultimately making you look your best. 

VIP Portal: Online Access to Event Details Around the Clock

 In our constant effort to make working with our speakers bureau easier and to provide our clients with the most helpful and supportive tools for each event, we created the Virtual Information Planner (VIP). Housed on a secure site, you can gain access to the detailed information about your event(s) with the personalized login information that we send you when you book with APB.


APB (in partnership with Event Presence) is excited to present LIVEBOT, a breakthrough telepresence technology that allows you to bring anyone in the world to your next event—even those who might otherwise be beyond your budget. With LIVEBOT, you can hear live from anyone, anywhere in the world, book bigger names at lower cost, and eliminate travel and accommodation expenses. LIVEBOT opens up the possibilities to major personalities that wouldn’t normally appear because of distance, time commitment and travel. While nothing replaces the presence of a live, in-person speaker, LIVEBOT creates an interactive experience that is far superior to teleconferencing or Skype. Your keynote can see, hear and respond to large audiences and have highly engaging one-on-one interactions at receptions, Q&As and meet and greets. 

International Presence

Our global reach affords clients more than just an amplified roster of international political leaders, authors, business minds and decision makers from which to choose. APB offers invaluable perspectives on global voices and current issues that will generate the most interest and appeal to your audience.

Extensive Speaker Roster

With a global network of speakers, we can accommodate nearly any topic, budget or event. APB offers the most extensive roster in our industry, affording you the greatest variety of speakers from distinguished world leaders, Nobel Laureates and experts to business leaders, political insiders, authors, celebrities and more. We also provide world-class performers, entertainers and comedians for your event entertainment needs.

Crisis/Cancellation Management

At APB, we are pleased to boast an extremely low cancellation rate among our speakers. When the occasional cancellation does occur, it is generally attributed to something that is out of both APB’s and the speaker’s control – such as a sudden emergency or unforeseen circumstance. Otherwise, we have a thorough process in place when planning speaking engagements that ensures accordance with our speakers’ schedules to prevent hiccups or cancellations. In the unlikely event that a cancellation does occur, APB is here for you. Our extensive global network of speakers offers countless secondary options and our staff is available around the clock should any last minute complications arise.

Long-Term Approach

At APB, we focus on building solid relationships – with both our clients and our speakers. We work hard to marry our goal of understanding exactly what clients are looking for with understanding exactly what our speakers stand for. With this mindset, we are able to support our mission of providing the best fit instead of achieving the largest profit. When a client is satisfied with their experience working with APB, the relationship that ensues is more powerful than a onetime booking. Developing such lasting connections with our clients, as well as continuing to strengthen current bonds with our speakers, ultimately leads to a beneficial experience for everyone.