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grayscale overlay Kareem  Abdul-Jabbar Thumbnail

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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Nora McInerny

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Michael J. Fox

grayscale overlay Richard  Carmona Thumbnail

Richard Carmona

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Dr. Megan Ranney

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Rob Lowe

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Joan Lunden

grayscale overlay Regina  Benjamin Thumbnail

Regina Benjamin

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Mehmet C. Oz

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Lee Woodruff

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Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa

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Kelly Corrigan

grayscale overlay Samantha  Harris Thumbnail

Samantha Harris

grayscale overlay David  Pogue Thumbnail

David Pogue

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Dr. Jerome Adams

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Kevin Pearce

grayscale overlay Anderson  Cooper Thumbnail

Anderson Cooper

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Peter Gallagher

grayscale overlay Seema  Yasmin, MD Thumbnail

Seema Yasmin, MD

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John Quiñones

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Jane Seymour

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Daniel E. Dawes J.D.

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David Epstein

grayscale overlay Heather  Abbott Thumbnail

Heather Abbott

grayscale overlay Lygeia  Ricciardi Thumbnail

Lygeia Ricciardi

grayscale overlay Kathy  Bates Thumbnail

Kathy Bates

grayscale overlay Kim  Campbell Thumbnail

Kim Campbell

grayscale overlay Regina  Holliday Thumbnail

Regina Holliday

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Dr. Esther Choo

APB is proud to offer an extensive roster of today’s leading health and wellness speakers, such as U.S. Surgeons General, futurists, health policymakers, physicians, patient advocates, fitness and nutrition experts, professional athletes and celebrities. We work hand in hand with you and your organization to develop creative programming and provide customized speaker recommendations for each event. Whether you are planning a medical staff meeting, fundraiser, cancer awareness event, wellness initiative, or simply want to educate your audience on hot-button healthcare issues, we will guide you in finding the perfect speaker.

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