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Community & Nonprofit

Voices on mental health, child welfare, community & family violence, philanthropy, poverty & more.

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Patrick Kennedy

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Temple Grandin

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Tom Arnold

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Mike Veny

grayscale overlay Tim  Shriver Thumbnail

Tim Shriver

grayscale overlay Antwone  Fisher Thumbnail

Antwone Fisher

grayscale overlay Greg  Louganis Thumbnail

Greg Louganis

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Nicholas Kristof

grayscale overlay Ernie  Hudson Thumbnail

Ernie Hudson

grayscale overlay Sybrina  Fulton Thumbnail

Sybrina Fulton

grayscale overlay Wes  Moore Thumbnail

Wes Moore

grayscale overlay Steve  Pemberton Thumbnail

Steve Pemberton

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Dr. Lucille O'Neal

grayscale overlay Maryum  Ali Thumbnail

Maryum Ali

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Victor Rivas Rivers

grayscale overlay Sonia  Manzano Thumbnail

Sonia Manzano

grayscale overlay Mario Arnauz Bonds Thumbnail

Mario Arnauz Bonds

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Jeff Bauman

grayscale overlay Caylin  Moore Thumbnail

Caylin Moore

grayscale overlay Brian  Cuban Thumbnail

Brian Cuban

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Cleve Jones

grayscale overlay Nic  Sheff Thumbnail

Nic Sheff

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Allison Massari

grayscale overlay Lori  Petty Thumbnail

Lori Petty

grayscale overlay Damon  West Thumbnail

Damon West

grayscale overlay Christina  Meredith Thumbnail

Christina Meredith

grayscale overlay Ron  Suskind Thumbnail

Ron Suskind

grayscale overlay Elisabeth  Röhm Thumbnail

Elisabeth Röhm

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Sean Astin

For over 50 years, APB has been recruiting presenters who champion the missions and values of community organizations and social services agencies. They are not just “speakers,” but representatives of action, hope and change. Sharing powerful messages on everything from homelessness, poverty and child welfare to mental health, substance use disorders and facing adversity, our speakers explore society's pressing issues and galvanize individuals to make a difference.

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