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Amy E. Hull

Amy E. Hull

Award Winning Corporate Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion & Multidimensional Change Leader

Amy E. Hull

Award Winning Corporate Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion & Multidimensional Change Leader


Amy E. Hull, M.Ed. is the First Director and Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Paycor, Inc. She brings authenticity to the forefront of leadership, action, and learning in the field of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Hull is a corporate leader turning DE&I strategy into actionable results. Her work is helping the company learn how to internalize the work of DE&I to achieve systemic change for sustainable inclusion and belonging for all employees. Her work has caught the attention of corporate entities across America and has been fully integrated into the corporate responsibility of Paycor, Inc. in its listing with NASDAQ, Inc. After just one year of work, her leadership guided the organization in obtaining the 2021 Top Workplace DE&I Practices Award and contributed to recognition of Paycor from the Miami South Chamber of Commerce in the Multicultural Workforce Award in May, 2022.

Hull is an engaging and dynamic speaker and trainer interweaving vulnerability, relevance, educational research, corporate and educational experience, analogy and purpose into any training or speaking engagement she encounters. Participants have shared publicly, “One of the best parts of the day! Interactive and informative!” and “Thank you for the thought provoking, authentic, and entertaining presentation! You did a fantastic job of helping us realize why DE&I matters!” An individual that she consulted from preschool teacher to Head of DE&I in a school district states, “there is no one like Amy, she has changed my life and she makes all of those around her better.”

Professionally, Hull designed and executed the DE&I strategic plan for Paycor, Inc and has been integrating this work into business goals and outcomes since October, 2020. Just one year later, Paycor received the DE&I practices award mentioned above. She was personally trained and coached by a former Global Diversity Officer and received her official certification in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from the University of South Florida. In addition to her work in the educational environment, Hull is the founder and owner of Equity LDI, LLC, a consulting firm that provides guidance in leadership development, diversity, equity, and inclusion. She has worked with individuals, private companies, non-profits, school systems, local governments and communities to increase awareness, instill meaning and stimulate action for those environments.

Hull got her start as an educator and for nearly 20 years worked as a high school biology teacher (7 years) and high school administrator (10 years) seeing firsthand the effects that bureaucracy, government, socioeconomics, curriculum, power structures, and other societal pitfalls have had on various populations in America. Her work in the schools always infused elements of diversity, equity and inclusion as well as civil rights and responsibility into the work and the students or staff. She is featured in Oyler School: Dramatic Turnaround in A Poverty Stricken Community, an Amazon Prime Documentary that details the life of two high school seniors fighting the symptoms of generational poverty and a school with creative solutions. Hull’s work there led to her receiving the Next Generation Leadership Award in 2015.

Hull’s work is grounded and propelled by her own family’s journey with race in America as a black middle-class family as well as the raising of her own two children. Personally, their story became her fight for change. Hull was raised by parents 20 years apart in age. Her father, often found in the business world as the “only one in the room” went on to integrate several community and civic organizations as well as businesses from the 1950’s to 1980’s. Her mother, the youngest of three and nicknamed “Pinky” for her lighter melanin hue, was raised in the thick of the Civil Rights Movement, started and completed her studies after age 40 with three college degrees (2 advanced) and retired as a Montessori elementary school principal. Witnessing their experiences and others around her instilled a determination for Hull to work for those who are voiceless.

Hull has a B.S. in Biology (Ohio University.) an M.Ed. in Education (Xavier University (Ohio), and another M.Ed. in Administration (University of Cincinnati). She was a 2019 Top 100 Working Woman (Cincinnati Herald/MAO Brand). Hull is an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and a Board member for the non-profit exclusive Services, LLC working to help the minority community with integrated health services like drug rehabilitation, prevention, and mental health for adults and youth in Ohio. She is a member of the National Association of African-American Human Resources (NAAAHR) as a member of their Senior Advisory Council. She loves being a mom to her two sons. She enjoys traveling, music, watching football, tennis and reading to lead.

Hull is currently working on her first book Undo: What to stop doing to be a superb inclusive leader expected to be released Fall, 2023. Current published works, and podcasts are featured below.

Speaker Videos

Diversity Iceberg

Diversity Showcase 2023

Speech Topics

Level Up Speech

There are several factors that contribute to investing yourself in order to elevate life circumstances, build a professional career and stay motivated through the journey. This speech uses music as the basis of the message to impart knowledge and guidance for anyone interested in promoting their lives to a next level.

Defining the Language of DE&I/Dimensions of Diversity

Participants or listeners leave with a firm understanding of what DE&I is and why it is important; motivation and encouragement to explain that Diversity is not Binary; how to move forward in their new understanding.

Emotional Intelligence and DE&I

Emotional Intelligence is a larger predictor of business and individual leadership success than are technical skills. Participants or listeners leave with a firm understanding of how emotional intelligence fits in with DE&I and why both are important; steps to take to build EQ and what EQ prevents in terms of preventing incidents that may be motivated by unconscious bias.

Anti-Racist Leadership; Addressing Fear

Some leaders are further along in their work with DE&I and want to learn how to run a business with an anti-racist strategy, but they are afraid of what that looks like or don’t know how to move forward. Participants or listeners will leave with a complete understanding of what being “anti-racist” looks like, how they can accomplish that as a leader and how fear paralyzes progress.

How do I become a DE&I professional?

As this is a trending area building in organizations and businesses across the world, job opportunities in this space are also rising fast. If you are interested in becoming a diversity professional, this engagement will help to provide guidance and answer questions about what that job looks like and expectations around it.

Building a Business Case for DE&I

Meant to be an interactive experience for a smaller team or group, this session will allow participants to receive information for what DE&I does for businesses based on market research as well as a possible framework for getting it done.

Building a DE&I Strategy: Moving Talk to Action

It is one thing to talk about DE&I and something completely different to move into actionable results. What are the metrics? What are the goals? What are the action steps? Who is responsible? All of these questions are answered for participants in this engagement/session.

Tackling Unconcsious Bias and Taking Action

Do you know what Unconscious Bias is and how it shows up? What results from implicit bias or a lack of awareness? This session will show you how easy it is and how environmental, societal, and various factors in the media perpetuate our biases and provide guidance on how to act on meeting biases head on.

Love TAP (exclusive to Equity LDI, Amy E. Hull)

A love tap is firm tap to someone you love that has a little bit of sting in it. The work of DE&I is no different if you believe that humanity is the right for all. When we tackle this work, I will lead you in figuring out how to turn this heart work into hard work with Thought, Action and Purpose.