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Arthur  Agee

Arthur Agee

Subject of the Film Hoop Dreams

Arthur Agee

Subject of the Film Hoop Dreams


Arthur G Agee Jr is featured in the award-winning, internationally acclaimed motion picture, Hoop Dreams. The movie follows the lives of two Chicago, youth, from eighth grade to their freshman year in college, and shows how their dreams of being professional basketball players meet with the harsh realities of life.

In Arthur’s instance, we see how a strong role model, his mother, helps lead Arthur through some enormously difficult challenges and ultimately to success-achieving his high school diploma and having opportunity to attend college. In 1995 Arthur finished his senior year of basketball at Arkansas State University. Arthur was one of the team leaders and recognized as one of the best players in his conference.

Arthur received his degree in Radio & Television from Arkansas State University. Today, Arthur is 44 years old and is the President/Founder of his Arthur Agee Jr Role Model Foundation. He also teaches the Hoop Dreams life skills education curriculum that was built around the film.

Arthur is filled with intelligence, humor, and a sense of wit. Most important, Arthur knows the value of role models and how it helped him achieve his dreams, not only on the court, but more important, in life. Arthur has realized another dream; he has started a sportswear clothing line named after the movie Hoop Dreams. The message Arthur brings in his sportswear line is “IF YOU CONTROL YOUR DESTINY YOU CAN LIVE YOUR HOOP DREAMS.”

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Hoop Dreams

The pop-culture phenomenon Hoop Dreams was one of the most revered films of the 1990’s. The documentary follows the lives of two talented teenage basketball players, Arthur Agee and William Gates, who aspired to leave behind their deprived Chicago neighborhoods and pursue their passion to make it to the NBA. Their complicated family and professional lives, however, moved them towards unexpected outcomes, devoid of NBA stardom. In this presentation, Arthur Agee brings the audience into the intimate world of Hoop Dreams, and using his own experiences, helps paint a vivid picture of the Chicago ghetto and the socio-economic variables that challenged his family and community. Agee demonstrates to audiences what it takes to face adversity and helps define true resilience.