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Dr. Sudip  Bose

Dr. Sudip Bose

World-Renowned ER Physician, CNN Hero & Iraq War Veteran


Dr. Bose is a world-leading emergency medicine physician, combat veteran, professor, and entrepreneur. From his experiences in the ER and on the battlefield, he is skilled in staying grounded in the face of overwhelm and tackling any challenge with skill and agility. Read More >

Dr. Bose is one of America’s most experienced doctors in emergency medicine, mass casualty and disaster response, and PTSD. He is driven to stay at the forefront of his specialty, achieving advanced certification from the Department of Homeland Security in federal, state, and local disaster response protocol, and presenting at the 2019 United Nations General Assembly on emergency medical services and disaster care. Dr. Bose has logged over 1000 media appearances as a health correspondent, including features in CNN, MSNBC, CBS News, Fox, Time Magazine, and more. He currently serves as Medical Director for the city of Odessa, Texas.

A former major in the U.S. Army, Dr. Bose is a proud Iraq war veteran with twelve years of service. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Dr. Bose cared for thousands of wounded soldiers and Iraqi civilians and provided front line emergency care during the peak of insurgencies in Baghdad and Najaf. In these circumstances, Dr. Bose refined his ability to motivate teams and manage crises. Because he often lacked traditional resources and time, he also learned to quickly develop creative solutions to challenges. Dr. Bose is also the founder of The Battle Continues, a nonprofit charity advocating for the health needs of veterans.

Dr. Bose is passionate about training the next generation of medical professionals. He is currently a clinical professor at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, an associate professor at University of Illinois and has held faculty positions at University of Texas and Texas A&M. In this role, he must stay at the forefront of medical breakthroughs and communicate difficult concepts in a way others can understand and apply.

Dr. Bose is the Founder & CEO of several nationally top-ranked medical education companies, focused on increasing healthcare knowledge and agency. Dr. Bose was involved in all aspects of developing and executing the business model and marketing plan for each company, giving him practical business skills. His companies reached profitability in the first year and participant examination scores and patient health improved. Read Less ^

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From Battlefield to COVID Emergency Room: Leadership Under Pressure

From combat medical service in Iraq to the front lines of COVID-stricken emergency rooms, Dr. Bose takes audiences through some of his most daunting experiences leading in times of crisis.  As one of America’s foremost doctors on mass casualty, disaster care, PTSD and now the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Bose passionately believes that, even in a world of doom and gloom, we can brave chaos, act confidently, and live healthy. With inspiring optimism, Dr. Bose shares battle-proven strategies to stay grounded in the face of overwhelming circumstances, lead under pressure and make tough decisions even in the most unconventional environments.

The Politics of Healthcare

Whether he’s working side by side with today’s healthcare professionals or meeting directly with senators and other leaders on Capitol Hill, Dr. Sudip Bose has gained a deep understanding of the current state of American healthcare. In this presentation, Dr. Bose translates complex health care policies and issues into a relatable, boots-on-the-ground perspective that illustrates what it all means to todays’ medical providers, businesses, and everyday Americans and their families.

Take Charge of Your Inner Army: Nutrition Boot Camp for Healthy Leaders

Keep your inner army strong! Dr. Sudip Bose shares the importance of taking the time to look after yourself. He discusses tips on how to keep yourself and your organization healthy so that both can succeed.