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Heidi  Powell

Heidi Powell

Fitness & Transformation Expert

Heidi Powell

Fitness & Transformation Expert


Heidi Powell is a world-renowned transformation expert whose two decades of impact encompass network television host, certified personal trainer, New York Times best-selling author, professional bodybuilding champion and serial entrepreneur. She became a fixture in America’s living room and across the globe as co-host of ABC’s hit show, Extreme Weight Loss, where she coached overweight individuals in front of millions of viewers each week as they shed hundreds of pounds over the course of a year. Following the success of the show, she co-founded TransformHQ, a holistic health and wellness enterprise that brought together top weight loss experts to expand life-changing transformation far beyond the show participants via science-backed supplements, expert coaching, deep community, and an immersive app.

Heidi’s unique transformation methodology extends well beyond her array of certifications or the depth of her fitness and nutrition knowledge. Recognizing that there is so much more to holistic health than just the physical component, she utilizes a comprehensive mental, emotional, spiritual, behavioral, and physical approach to total transformation. Leveraging her decades of experience, she regularly coaches thousands of women through their personal life transformations across platforms to meet her audience where they are: online to her more than a million followers (IG: 557k, FB: 735k, YT: 121k), in her private Show Up coaching communities, as an author of books, through her blog, in her one-of-a-kind fitness challenges, at her live events and in her just-released daily workout app, Show Up with Heidi.

Heidi has been featured in numerous publications including Shape, Redbook, Parents and served on the Women’s Health magazine Advisory Board. She has regularly appeared on such shows as GMA, Dr. Oz, and The Doctors. She has both ACE and CrossFit certifications. Heidi is a co-founder of skincare company Athia, an investor in startups aligned with her mission, a real estate enthusiast and is determined to set an example to her kids that a woman can do both chase their dreams and love their kids well as a present mama. Heidi resides in Arizona with her four children, and they are and will always be the most important part of her life and any bio that’s ever written about her.

Speaker Videos

Finding Your Why | Heidi Powell

Speaking Reel

On Extreme Weight Loss Casting Call | ABC15 Arizona

Speech Topics

Female Entrepreneurship

Empowering women to pursue their dreams and live their passion by sharing Heidi’s own story to success, then guiding them step-by-step on how to navigate the often-intimidating journey of being a “boss babe in a board room.” Self-respect, positive affirmations, belief in self, and Heidi’s tried and true tools and tactics to standing up for one’s dreams and building the ultimate life are among the talking points.

Secrets of Transformation

Sharing the real secrets that helped Heidi and Chris transform lives on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss, most of them having nothing to do with diet and exercise. Opening the audiences eyes to the power that integrity plays in all aspects of transformation in life: Physical, financial, relationship, career, etc…and giving the audience clear guidance on how to implement these steps into their lives to create lasting transformation.

Finding Balance

Calling all moms, dads, working professionals, and busy humans! With so many places to go, people to see, things to do in this fast-paced world (and increasingly more so by the day), Heidi guides the audience on how she balances four kids, career, her brand, her health, and personal relationships in her own life. Heidi shares her tips on how one can actively juggle reaching their health and fitness goals, enjoying family, building a career, and managing relationships without losing your mind!

Building a Trusted Brand

How to create your mission, find your why, raise awareness of your goals, and then share your message with the world. Heidi has built her brand from the ground up and share tips, tricks, and secrets to maximizing social media, connecting with your audiences, and being authentic and vulnerable to create a sustainable brand and business.

Creating a Culture of Wellness in the Workplace

Simple steps for corporations to create a culture of wellness in the workplace. Among the topics discussed are how to rally your co-workers and employees to improve their health, how to increasing morale, and how to build camaraderie, all leading to happier, healthier, and more productive employees.

Stress Management

Stress kills. Stress is the root of most disease. Heidi dissects what stress actually is, talks about WHY and HOW stress CAN be good, and HOW to deal with the bad stress. She shares many tried and true tips and tricks to reducing the damaging effects of stress so one can live a happy, healthy, and LONG life!