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Henry  Gross

Henry Gross

“One Hit Wanderer”

Henry Gross

“One Hit Wanderer”


A peek behind the Rock & Roll curtains guaranteed to delight audiences of all ages! “One Hit Wanderer” is a one man show written and performed by veteran singer, songwriter, recording artist, actor and comedian Henry Gross. On the surface, it's an autobiographical look back at the pursuit, realization and subsequent demise of his Rock & Roll dreams. A closer look reveals a story of perseverance, hope and commitment that make this show a roller coaster ride of laughs, tears, disappointments and triumphs. Standing ovations from audiences in Irvington NY, Clearwater FL, Jackson TN and Memphis TN are proof of the shows appeal to the widest possible audience.

Born on April Fools, 1951 in Brooklyn, New York, Gross began playing clubs with his first band at age thirteen. Before long, he was performing at the 1964 World’s Fair and spending summers honing his musical and comedy skills at numerous Catskill Mountains resorts. Gross’ career rose to amazing heights when in 1969 during his first semester at Brooklyn College. He co-founded the 1950's Rock & Roll revival band Sha Na Na and that summer, became the youngest performer at The Woodstock Festival.

His top forty hits included Simone, Meet Me On The Corner and Springtime Mama. In 1976, his Lifesong Records album “Release” featured the worldwide, chart topping, multiplatinum hit Shannon. Gross has shared the stage with many of the greatest artists in Rock & Roll history including: Aerosmith, The Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Joe Cocker, Paul McCartney, Chicago, Fleetwood Mac, Hall and Oates, Huey Lewis, Jay Leno and Loretta Lynn. Gross’ songs have been recorded by artists as diverse as pop star Judy Collins and country group Blackhawk, who had a hit with Big Guitar, a song he co-wrote with lead singer Henry Paul.

For the past ten years, Gross has been recording in Ft. Myers FL with multi-talented engineer/instrumentalist John McLane, releasing four new CD’s on his Zelda Records label: “One Hit Wanderer” featuring all the songs from his one man show of the same name as well as “Foreverland,” “Right As Rain” and “Rhymes and Misdemeanors.” He recently finished co-writing the book for a romantic comedy musical with Ed Greenberg, director of “One Hit Wanderer” for which Gross also wrote the music and lyrics.

Come and delight in “One Hit Wanderer,” a celebration of life and re-invention that will charm audiences of all ages. Henry Gross promises to put every ounce of energy he has into making it an evening you'll remember. He's working his way back to the top keeping in mind his mom’s words of wisdom: "The Impossible takes a little bit longer!"

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