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Jack  Shaw

Jack Shaw

Top Business Technology Futurist & Blockchain Expert


Jack Shaw is Co-Founder and Executive Director of the American Blockchain Council. As such, he is a leading expert on the strategic business implications of Blockchain technology who has spoken and consulted on Blockchain around the world. Read More >

He is a world renowned Keynote Speaker. He was recently voted one of the World’s Top 25 Professional Speakers by over 27,000 meetings planners, executives and conference attendees – the only Technology speaker to be accorded this recognition.

Jack has been a Technology Futurist for over 30 years – helping others to understand the impact of emerging technologies. In addition to Blockchain, he is widely recognized for his expertise in such breakthrough business technologies as: 

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of This
  • 3D Printing 

He has advised such Fortune 500 Companies GE, Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Oracle, and SAP as well as hundreds of small to mid-sized businesses.

A charismatic speaker, he’s delivered more than 1000 keynote speeches and executive presentations in 23 countries and every U.S. state. Jack graduated from Yale with a degree in Business Administration and has an MBA from Kellogg in Finance and Marketing.  Read Less ^

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Jack Shaw - Voted World's TOP 5 Technology Futurist, Author, and Professional Speaker

Speech Topics

The Blockchain Transformation: How Blockchain Enabled Digital Transformation Will Change Your Business, Your Industry, and the World

From his forthcoming book of the same title: The world will change more in the next 5 – 10 years than it has in the past fifty. And perhaps no technology will drive that change more than Blockchain. It will affect every organization in every industry– just as the Internet has. Executives are becoming aware that Blockchain is important, but it is still not well understood by most.  Read More >

The enabling technology underlying the digital currency Bitcoin, Blockchain lets people and businesses have trustworthy interactions without requiring costly third party intermediaries. They can create and maintain cryptographically secure, completely immutable, totally verifiable records of transactions, ownership of assets, authentication of identity, exchange of digital currencies, and smart contracts.

Smart Contracts are created using computer code on a Blockchain rather than written language. Like a traditional legal document, a Smart Contract defines rules and consequences, stating the obligations, benefits, and penalties for each party in given situations. But unlike conventional contracts, as computer programs, Smart Contracts also can receive and process information and take actions as needed – including the ability to electronically execute and enforce contractual commitments in real-time.

Blockchain technologies extend the concept of Digital Transformation beyond individual process and specific geographical locations. They enable the Digital Transformation of entire business and social ecosystems.

Key Audiences for this Presentation include:

  • Company Executives
  • Business Decision Makers
  • Strategic Planners
  • Senior IT Management
  • Accountants and Auditors
  • Attorneys

For technology solution providers and professional services firms such as CPA and law firms, this presentation can be adapted for delivery either in house or to clients and prospects.

Key Questions Jack will answer include: 

  • What does Blockchain do?
  • How does Blockchain work?
  • hat is a smart contract?
  • How does this affect accounting?
  • What are the legal issues?
  • How will this impact our industry?
  • What opportunities does Blockchain create?
  • How do we plan for Blockchain enabled Digital Transformation?

As Executive Director of the American Blockchain Council, Jack is one of the world’s leading experts on Blockchain and Digital Transformation. Come learn from him how to prepare for a challenging and exciting future with Blockchain Enabled Digital Transformation. Read Less ^

The Internet of Things – and the Future of Everything!

Of course you’ve heard of the Internet of Things. Moving beyond computers and communications devices, we’ll append chips to some other high-value objects that will allow us to also receive information from and about them. That, in turn, will allow us to perform some analyses to better utilize those items. Sounds useful for a few specialized industrial applications, but really, how could that affect our business? Right? Read More >


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a critical component of a fundamental shift in human history. Enabling the IoT means not merely appending, but embedding sensors, simple processors, and communications capabilities into an ever-widening array of objects of all kinds. Doing so will provide a critical link between the digital and physical worlds. With the IoT, we’ll no longer have to capture information about physical objects, they’ll report on themselves – their location, status, condition, and environment.

Experts estimate that, by 2020, anywhere from 50 billion to 200 billion “Things” will be part of the IoT. This will mean an exponential increase in data to be analyzed. Our digital infrastructures will have to rapidly expand to accommodate this torrent of data. But, by doing so, we’ll develop integrated digital / physical ecosystems that will respond to our needs, in many cases, before we even recognize them.

And this definition of the Internet of Things is just the surface manifestation. With Cloud Computing, complex analytical processes can happen in the Cloud – not within the “Thing” itself. 3D Printing will enable us to manufacture IoT-enabled objects and repair, replicate, or replace them quickly and at low cost. And Intelligent Agent technologies will manage the distribution, deployment, and utilization of those objects far faster and more efficiently than our current systems and processes could ever hope to.

The Internet of Things will impact every industry from manufacturing to retail, from healthcare to financial services, and from service industries to governments and not for profits. If your organization makes, distributes, buys, sells or uses tangible objects of any kind, you’ll be part of the Internet of Things.

Technology Futurist Jack Shaw has been helping people and organizations understand and plan for the Internet of Things and the broader ecosystems it helps to compose for years. Watch and listen as he helps your team understand the implications for your business and industry, and as he helps you to accelerate the strategic planning process you’ll need to gain the maximum benefits from the Internet of Things going forward. Read Less ^

Artificial Intelligence: Business Systems & Processes That Think for Themselves!

The Big One is coming, and it’s coming soon. Intelligent Systems will utterly transform business, commerce, and society. Self-optimizing production scheduling, autonomic supply chains, and self-configuring business ecosystems are just a few examples of Intelligent Systems that will shake the world. Read More >

In this presentation, Jack will cite case studies, real-world examples, and success stories show how leading-edge businesses are using these technologies to cut costs, improve service, and promote innovation.

Join us as he explains intelligent systems and what your organizations can do to plan for the most dynamic, breathtaking set of business technologies yet. Read Less ^

3D Printing: The Next Industrial Revolution

3D Printing, also referred to as Additive Manufacturing, is more than a powerful new manufacturing technique. When combined with other emerging technologies, it is rapidly emerging as a powerful economic stimulant for manufacturers, supply chains, and the global economy. Read More >

In this presentation Jack Shaw, voted one of the world’s Top 5 Technology Futurists for 2014, addresses the What, Why, When, Where, and How of Additive Manufacturing. He shows the impact it is already having and explores the keystone role it will play in the digital economy of the 2020’s and beyond. Read Less ^