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Jeff  Johnson

Jeff Johnson

Activist, Journalist and Host of BET’s Mancave

Jeff Johnson

Activist, Journalist and Host of BET’s Mancave


Jeff Johnson is an impact strategist and architect of social solutions, renowned for his visionary approach to leveraging culture for strategic growth and transformative impact.

As a Managing Director at Actum, LLC., a leading global strategy firm, Jeff develops strategic solutions for his private, public, and entertainment sector clients. He collaborates closely with partners to help them leverage equity and culture, translating it into actionable strategies that drive organizational growth and social change.

With over two decades of experience in communications, change management, and strategic consulting, Jeff has forged a unique, multi-industry career where developing solutions that yield increased market share and transformative community impact is the primary value. His diverse roster of powerful partners includes American Airlines, Sherwin Williams, Sagamore Ventures, The Tennis Channel, and The City of Cleveland.

In addition to his role at Actum, Jeff is a tenured and respected voice in media and social commentary. He shares his insights and perspectives as a regular commentator on the nationally syndicated Rickey Smiley Morning Show, offering thought-provoking analysis every Tuesday and Thursday.

Jeff's dedication to effecting meaningful change extends nearly three decades. He has served as the National Director for the Youth & College Division of the NAACP and Vice President of the Hip Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN). He created, hosted, and executive produced MANCAVE, a groundbreaking late-night talk show on BET targeting urban men. Throughout his 13-year tenure with BET, the NABJ and Image Award winning journalist, facilitated impactful conversations, including an exclusive White House interview with President Barack Obama.

Jeff loves that he was raised in the city of Cleveland. Through a scholarship at his high school and partnerships with several institutions including the historic Karamu House, he dedicates much of his time and resources to social impact. At his core, Jeff believes that the current moment demands a collective effort from passionate and thoughtful human servants committed to prioritizing impact over image.

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