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Jesh  De Rox

Jesh De Rox

Cultural Anthropologist, Creative & Entrepreneur

Jesh De Rox

Cultural Anthropologist, Creative & Entrepreneur


Jesh de Rox is a cultural anthropologist, creative, speaker and entrepreneur whose work explores the link between emotional intelligence, creative genius, human connection and joy.

One of the most award-winning photographers of his generation, Jesh’s work has inspired multiple worldwide trends including a patent-pending technique called Superfeel that gives photographers the ability to spark instant genuine emotion. Superfeel revolutionized the industry and has been used to bring joy to more than 110 million people.

His discoveries also led to the development of Kindrêd, a modern science-based form of meditation that helps participants use the mirror-neuron system to easily regulate their emotions & access states of creative genius.

Presently he's leading a team of scientists and engineers who are building a social network designed to create the world's most advanced emotionally-intelligent AI.

Jesh is a passionate and articulate speaker who clearly enjoys connecting with his audiences. His deep and humorous insights into human nature have left hundreds of thousands of people in over 35 countries inspired and laughing.

Speaker Videos

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Speech Topics

Almost Everything We Think About Creativity is Wrong

In this talk Jesh explores the phenomenal creative capacity humans access as children, the biological and cultural shifts that happen as we age that disconnect us from it, and what must be overcome to get it back. Jesh will share proven, scientific methods to nurture this innate human gift and surprising benefits they bring to relationships, personal-growth and high performance.

Anyone Can Be Beautiful For Four Minutes

In this talk Jesh offers an inside peak to how how emotions are formed in the body, the vital role they played in the survival of our communal species and the invisible yet profound way they impact every single part of human life – from our self-talk, to our family relationships, to the workplace. Jesh will share simple but powerful techniques for safely regulating challenging emotions and consciously creating beneficial ones.

Things I Learned While Running Naked Through the Sahara Desert

In this unforgettable talk Jesh explains in simple, relatable (and often hilarious) terms how our primal relationship with fear limits our opportunities and profoundly stifles our natural instinct to grow. Set over the backdrop of a heart-warming, coming-of-age 10-day-odyssey in Morocco that Jesh spent with a girl who was way out of his league (and knew it), this is a talk that will stay with listeners long after they hear it. You'll find yourself wanting to stand up and cheer, not just forJesh – but for yourself.

Practical Forms of Self Love

In a world filled with pink-foil-covered-heart-shaped chocolates, the Bachelor, and Taylor Swift songs, it's hard to know exactly what "self-love" even means. In this uniquely insightful talk, Jesh sheds light on how our relationship with our mind and body provides the foundation for the way we approach absolutely everything else. Audiences will walk away with hearts full and minds sparking with practical strategies for cultivating genuine and empowering relationships with themselves.

Things I Learned About Business While Dating

With his signature mix of self-deprecating humor and incisive insight, Jesh offers a riveting and thoroughly refreshing perspective on a subject famous for putting audiences to sleep. Through thought-provoking observations and personal stories that have left audiences around the world howling with laughter, Jesh will share how he came to understand business as an evolution of the mating ritual, and the surprising advantages it revealed.