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Jim "The Rookie" Morris

Jim "The Rookie" Morris

Subject of "The Rookie"


Jim “The Rookie” Morris’ inspirational and transformational message about following your dreams and having a game plan for success connects with audiences, young and old, male and female. His life story is the inspiration behind the Walt Disney blockbuster film, The Rookie, starring Dennis Quaid. It is also the model for the greatest sports film of the 21st century, The Blindside. Read More >

To motivate his rag tag high school baseball team, Morris, as a 35-year-old schoolteacher, made a bet that he would try out for the big leagues if his team won a district championship. When Morris’ team won, he followed through on his promise, going to a tryout where he threw 12 consecutive pitches at 98 mph! Three months later in front of family and his high school team, Jim achieved his dream of pitching in the big leagues by striking out the first hitter he faced. That’s what Jim Morris accomplished and—it doesn’t matter who you are—we can all relate to fulfilling our goals and dreams. Morris’ story takes place on a baseball diamond, but it’s really about life.

Imagine having Morris tell you his story over a cup of coffee. A schoolteacher by trade, he is a polished, inspirational and motivational speaker, but never slick. In a world lacking in real-life heroes, he connects with his audience because he transformed himself from a man who was struggling into an incredible success. People connect with him because they see themselves in Jim Morris.

Morris is a great speaker with a voice of honesty and humor. He is candid about his early-life failures and he uses them to provide a roadmap for success in business, family and community. His is an uplifting, heroic tale about overcoming a tough upbringing. Jim Morris can tailor his inspirational message to a corporate setting, to a school, an association/non-profit, or a church. He works closely with customers to deliver a great meeting and he is a great storyteller! Long after he has left, his message will continue to resonate with your group. Read Less ^

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