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Jinsop  Lee

Jinsop Lee

TED Speaker, Design Thinker & Multiple Award-Winning Designer

Jinsop Lee

TED Speaker, Design Thinker & Multiple Award-Winning Designer


Jinsop Lee believes in design. Turning mountains of discarded telephone handsets into coveted bluetooth speakers, designing a university course where students teach and learn from each other, creating an international market for a little-known lighting company within twelve months, these are all challenges that Lee has solved using design. As an acclaimed designer, entrepreneur and former professor, Lee has also created several new theories in his field.

As someone who began his TED talk with the line “Why is sex so damn good?” Lee designs his speaking events to be captivating, entertaining and thought provoking. He is now a recognized speaker on multi-sensory design, design thinking, the creative process and problem solving through design. Lee ensures that each talk has unique content that is specific to the event, the client and the audience. He has headlined public speaking events around the world for major companies including LG and Solidworks.

Lee was one of the winners of the TED Global Talent Search, which led to a TED talk on multi-sensory design with over 1.6 million views.

He has also won numerous design awards including the Red Dot Design Award, and the Good Design Award. His work has also been exhibited globally at CES Las Vegas, 100% Design London, Good Design exhibit in Tokyo and the Light + Building fair in Frankfurt.

Lee has made multiple television appearances on the Discovery Channel, as well as an advertising campaign for Jaguar Land Rover. He was also a national representative for the OECD Forum in Paris.

He is currently the founder and CEO of a product development company that focuses on beautifully designed goods that last a long time.

Lee has been described as “one of my evergreen favorites” by Yanko Design, “an incredible speaker, full of energy and ideas” by engineering.com and his work has been called “ingeniously simple… stylish” by the London Evening Standard. Lee studied industrial design at Syracuse University, received his MBA from Yonsei University. He has lived in six countries and is currently based in Seoul, South Korea.

Speaker Videos

TED: Design for All 5 Senses

TEDx: The Five Senses, A Little Theory

Inspire By Velar | Range Rover Promo

Designer Roundtable | Range Rover Promo

Speech Topics

The Five Senses Theory: Brilliant Experiences Through Multisensory Design

In this topic that became a TED talk, Lee gives a riveting talk on analyzing and enhancing experiences, memories and products using his multisensory theory.

Audiences will realize that a huge part of our everyday experiences are based on the senses, whether it's the crunchiness of a sandwich or even great sex. By the end of the talk, they will learn to use this multisensory design tool for both professional and personal aspects of their lives.

This talk has been updated to include contemporary examples, and more senses then the standard five.

Design Thinking: A Multi-Purpose Tool That Produces Better Results in Almost Any Field, Including Yours

In short, the design process is a simple and effective tool that anyone can use to find solutions.

In this talk Lee introduces the design process through his hilarious experiences in puppetry during his university days. The talk then shows some fascinating examples of the design process in use by designers and non-designers alike, often with clever and amazing outcomes.

To Analog is Human: Enhancing Creativity in The Digital Age

Creativity is sought after by both individuals and organizations but it can seem elusive and intangible.

When there’s a power outage at a design company, does everyone go home for the day?

How can pencils, storytelling and even collages help organizations create excellent products, content and experiences?

This clever and entertaining keynote shows insights into becoming more creative through some good old-fashioned analog methods, and why said methods are even more crucial in these digital times.

How to Recognize Good Design (Even if You’re Not a Designer) & Why This is Important

If you’re part of an organization that offers a product or service, you need to recognize good design. Recognizing good design will help you pinpoint existing problems, choose the right designers for the job, and improve your end product.