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Josh  George

Josh George

World's Best Wheelchair Athlete

Josh George

World's Best Wheelchair Athlete


Arguably the best wheelchair athlete in the world, Josh George is a remarkable paralympian, ESPYs finalist and world record holder. Considered by many to be unstoppable on his path to greatness, he has been recognized worldwide in the sports of track and field, marathon racing and basketball.

Falling from his 12th story bedroom window at the age of four and surviving, George was dubbed a “living miracle” by physicians. After his accident, his parents treated him like any other child, instilling in him the notion of independence and a “can do” attitude. Inspired by this concept, at the age of six George told his parents that he was an athlete and wanted to play sports.

Since then George has won gold and silver at the Beijing Paralympics in the 100 and 800 meter races. He has held world records in the 100 meter and 800 meter races, four gold medals at the 2006 World Championships in the Netherlands, three Chicago Marathons, two bronze medals at the 2004 Athens Paralympics and brought home gold for the United States basketball team as a starting guard at the 2008 Parapan Games in Brazil. His outstanding achievements have led to George being conferred the 2008 Arete Honors for Courage in Sports Award and cover story profiles The New York Times and The CBS Evening News.

George’s accomplishments also extend to the classroom. In 2007, he graduated with honors from the University of Illinois with a degree in Journalism and continues to concentrate on writing projects while training full-time and participating with his alma mater’s wheelchair racing team as a volunteer assistant coach. As a highly sought-after inspirational speaker Josh captivates audiences around the country with his incredible story of determination and achievement.

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Maximize Your Potential

A Blur of Hands

Speech Topics

Focus On Your Abilities

There is no such thing as a life without adversity.  No goal is reached without struggle.  But when obstacles present themselves, are you focused on the problem or the solution?

In this inspirational keynote, George explores what it means to focus on the solution.  By putting your energy towards solving a problem, you are being proactive in exhibiting a positive attitude and a great mindset – two things that will set your organization up for success in achieving its goals.  From this program, you will learn:

  1. To focus on your abilities and strengths, not your disabilities and weaknesses.
  2. What you can’t do is not going to help. What you can do will.
  3. How to use what you can do to overcome what you can’t.
  4. How to take steps to enhance your abilities and strengths, while minimizing your disabilities and weaknesses.

Goal Setting…and Resetting

How can you get what you want if you don’t know what your want is?  How can you achieve your goals if they are not clearly defined?  One of the most frustrating matters in life, the inability to identify and communicate our exact desires – and therefore to pursue them – begins in early childhood and follows us well into adulthood. 

In this presentation, George teaches your organization the importance of not only defining goals, but constantly reviewing and reevaluating the goals that have been set.  By doing so, success will be realized.  He imparts four basic points:

  • Set goals; then set goals to meet those goals.
    • A runner does not embark on a career in running with the only goal in mind being to “win a gold medal at the Olympics.” Set short term goals that act as stepping stones to larger, long-term goals.
  • Check your goals frequently and reevaluate their relevance; some may need to be adjusted to the current situation.
  • Learn from the goals you set and don’t attain on the first or second try.
    • Look at why you may not have achieved a goal and ask yourself what you might need to do differently to accomplish what you want.
  • Your job isn’t finished when you’ve accomplished a goal.  Keep resetting your goals to meet the next challenge.