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Kent State:  The Lessons. The Legacy.

Kent State: The Lessons. The Legacy.

A Special 50th Anniversary Program in Conjunction with Kent State University

Four Dead in Ohio: A Day that Changed History and Activism

“It is by design, not by accident, that college students today are strapped with tuition debt and minimum wage jobs and given little opportunity to serve as the conscience of America. They’re going to keep you busy. They’re going to keep you quiet so they can brand you the apathetic generation.”
-Chic Canfora, Kent State survivor

On May 4, 1970, four students were killed and nine wounded while protesting the Vietnam War on the campus of Kent State University. Fifty years later, we commemorate a day that changed history and activism. In this riveting program, survivors share their first-hand accounts, their pursuit of justice in the aftermath, and how the legacy and lessons learned of the anti-war movement continue to influence Black Lives Matter, March for Our Lives, Me Too, climate change activism and other modern movements.

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Kent State: The Lessons. The Legacy.

Kent State: The Lessons. The Legacy.

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Designed for civic halls, theatres, college campuses, podcast and broadcast media, performing arts centers and other venues, the program is adaptable for differing formats, including a choice of moderator and option to add additional speakers. A number of widely-known Kent State witnesses may also be available. SUGGESTED PARTICIPANTS:

Chic Canfora

An eyewitness and survivor, Chic earned her Ph.D. at Kent State, where she teaches in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. A stalwart advocate for remembrance, she is dedicated to connecting the lessons of the anti-war movement to the movements of today.

Thomas Grace

Wounded in the protests, Tom went on to earn his Ph.D. in history, teach, and author Kent State: Death and Dissent in the Long Sixties. His research on student activism traces its roots to the civil rights and labor movements.

Alan Canfora (Limited Availability)

Alan was shot and wounded during the deadly shooting incident at Kent State while he was a leading protester waving a black protest flag. He is recognized as an expert about Kent 1970 and serves as Director of the Kent May 4 Center. Alan remains active as a lecturer about the Kent State tragedy and the history of student activism.

Carol Costello (as Moderator)

The former host of CNN Newsroom, Carol is a veteran reporter and anchor who has interviewed four presidents and covered stories ranging from the September 11th attacks to CNN’s Peabody-winning coverage of Hurricane Katrina. She is a graduate of Kent State.