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Kevin  Pearce

Kevin Pearce

Champion Snowboarder & Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor

Kevin Pearce

Champion Snowboarder & Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor


In the blink of an eye, Kevin Pearce went from being an Olympic gold medal hopeful to suffering a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) that nearly took his life. As a champion snowboarder once considered the key rival to Shaun White, Kevin earned back-to-back victories at The Oakley Arctic Challenge and two Air & Style Victories in 2007 and 2008. He went on to become a silver medalist with a thrilling performance at the 2009 Winter X Games. By 2010, Kevin was considered a gold medal contender in the Winter Olympics. Then, tragedy struck. In a devastating training accident, Kevin suffered the traumatic brain injury that would change his life forever.

After six days in a coma, Kevin awoke to the faces of his family and a grueling road to recovery. He began intensive therapy and rehabilitation that included relearning how to walk, talk and even swallow – rewiring his brain to do all the little things that most of us take for granted. By drawing upon his own unwavering optimism, the discipline that he had acquired as a world-class athlete, the love of his family, and the support of numerous healthcare professionals and caregivers, Kevin made amazing progress that continues to this day. He recently got married and continues to prioritize his family. His journey has also included forging a new path toward helping and inspiring others. As the co- founder of the Love Your Brain Foundation, Kevin has found a passionate sense of purpose advocating for the prevention of brain injury and assisting those affected by it. 

Today, as a sought-after keynote speaker, Kevin Pearce is inspiring the level of admiration that he once did as a spellbinding snowboarder. His uplifting presence has earned reviews ranging from “the experience of a lifetime” to “the best speaker that I have ever heard.” Known for contagious optimism that lifts up audiences, he is delivering a powerful message of perseverance, purpose, overcoming adversity and finding strength through helping others.

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Speech Topics

If you are interested in having your audience view the documentary "The Crash Reel" prior to your event, speak to your APB agent.

The Crash Reel

Champion snowboarder Kevin Pearce’s epic rise, life-changing fall and inspiring road to recovery were chronicled in The Crash Reel, the acclaimed HBO documentary by Oscar-nominated director, Lucy Walker. With dramatic footage from the film that brings his moving story to life, Kevin shares his stellar snowboarding career before the crash and his spiritual and physical journey to accept and overcome his traumatic brain injury. This is an unforgettable story of family, strength, determination and the triumph of the human spirit in overcoming even the greatest challenges.

The Road to Recovery: A Patient’s Perspective

Six months in a coma. Three months in the hospital. Years of intensive therapy. Kevin’s challenging road to recovery since his 2010 accident has included tremors, eye surgeries, physical and psychotherapy, and a journey that continues to this day. Kevin personalizes the perspective of a patient recovering from traumatic brain injury, providing inspiration to TBI patients and valuable insights to caregivers. He also highlights why it is important to “Love Your Brain,” sharing his own regiment of diet, meditation, yoga and exercise. This moving presentation illuminates the patient journey through Kevin’s experience. It also reminds those who work in healthcare of their very special calling — and the extraordinary difference that they can make every day.

Meditation, Yoga and Healing Through a Healthy Lifestyle

Perseverance and Optimism Through Difficult Times

Conquering “Negative Thoughts” and How to Stay Positive