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Kim & Ashley  Campbell

Kim & Ashley Campbell

Alzheimer’s Advocates & Family of Music Legend Glen Campbell

A Program With Alzheimer’s Advocates & Family of Music Legend Glen Campbell

Honoring their late husband and father, Glen Campbell, by continuing his quest to educate people about Alzheimer’s disease, Kim and Ashley Campbell share their family’s journey of faith, love, determination, and eventually finding purpose in helping others.

In 2011, Kim, Glen and their children went public to courageously share Glen’s battle with Alzheimer’s. They invited filmmakers James Keach and Trevor Albert to document Glen's Goodbye Tour, which produced the award-winning documentary Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me. The documentary helped to break the stigma that accompanies Alzheimer’s and provides hope and comfort to families who are facing the same challenges. Ashley, a singer, songwriter and musician, appeared in the documentary, performing her debut single, “Remembering,” a deeply personal reflection about her father’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. The song was included in the film’s soundtrack, which won two Grammy Awards. 

Together, the duo has become passionate Alzheimer’s advocates. Kim launched CareLiving.org, a blog and lifestyle guide providing resources, inspiration and a sense of community to this underserved group. She also created the Kim and Glen Campbell Foundation to advance the use of "music as medicine." Ashley also champions the healing power of music by incorporating performance into their moving presentations. At the recent opening of the Glen Campbell Museum and Rhinestone Stage (which benefits the memory care community where Glen spent his final years and the Kim and Glen Campbell Foundation), Ashley performed, paying tribute to her father.

With passion, wit, music and love, the Campbells celebrate the power of the human spirit to persevere through Alzheimer’s—while keeping their beloved husband's and father’s memory and story alive.

About the Program

A Family’s Journey with Alzheimer’s: Glen Campbell’s "I'll Be Me" – A Conversation With Kim & Ashley Campbell

According to recent statistics from the Alzheimer’s Association, more than 5.8 million Americans are living with this progressive disease that slowly destroys memory and cognitive skills. As the population continues to age and people are living longer, currently, there is no way to prevent it and no cure. In this heartfelt talk, Kim Campbell, widow of music legend Glen Campbell and their daughter, singer/songwriter Ashley, put a very human face on Alzheimer’s. They share Glen’s struggle, their family’s journey, and how the Grammy-winning documentary film, Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me sparked a national conversation on the disease. It’s a remarkable story of the human spirit and how Kim and Glen made the decision to continue to live a very public life with their children, despite the challenges and adversity of this disease. It’s also a story of hope and how memory care and the healing power of music helped Glen retain his mental wellbeing for far longer. Kim and Ashley will leave you inspired and with a sense of hope, as they show that a life lived fully does not stop with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.