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Kim Ann  Curtin

Kim Ann Curtin

The Wall Street Coach


Kim Ann Curtin is the author of Transforming Wall Street: A Conscious Path for a New Future and the Founder of The Wall Street Coach, an international executive coaching & leadership development firm. Kim and her team help C-Suite executives accelerate their personal and professional success through consciousness, enabling them to become as successful on the inside as they are on the outside. Read More >

Kim worked in the finance industry since 1999 and since the financial market crash of October 2008, she has been working to build a more optimistic and sustainable vision for leaders, in finance and beyond. As The Wall Street Coach, Kim is a trusted adviser and consultant to executives, teams, conferences and Fortune 500 companies, both in the US and across the globe. Kim is also a pioneer, introducing unique leadership practices to her audiences. The successful behaviors were revealed in trailblazing interviews with 50 top Wall Street executives, thought leaders, teachers of mindfulness and academic leaders. Her work has been profiled in CNN.Money, Fortune magazine, Smart Money, TheStreet.com and Associated Press. Read Less ^

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Visionary Leaders Say “Yes” - The Path to Transformation & Success

Today’s leaders are laser focused on preparing their organizations for the future.  As shifts in the economy, business and workforce impact your operations, leading your organizational transformation requires the commitment to say “yes” - to insure progress, success, growth and profits.  Visionary leaders will learn to say “yes” to building a forward-thinking organizational strategy, to change, to innovation, to leadership authenticity and to sustaining a dynamic workplace. How is this done?

Build Your Dreams Here! - Defining the New Talent Landscape

Employees are your most valuable asset. Visionary leaders recognize the critical need to adjust their organizations to meet new workforce expectations – to increase productivity, strengthen workforce stability and create legends…one employee at a time.  It is critical for all organizations to maximize talent recruitment, development and retention efforts. How? Successful workforce transformations are built upon a solid foundation of strong leadership, teamwork and employee engagement.

Civilizing Organizational Culture - Align Culture with Strategy

Organizational culture can be your greatest asset - or your greatest liability. “Culture fit” is a major factor in productivity and talent retention, as well as a powerful recruitment tool.  To compete in today’s highly competitive business environment and talent market, visionary leaders are reinventing the workplace by engaging talent, creating a common vision and aligning their culture with their strategy. How is this best accomplished?

The Indispensable Adviser: Aligning Money & Value for Client Success

Managing finances is never just about the money.  So, how do successful advisers demonstrate their value and build lasting and mutually-beneficial relationships with their clients?  Client-adviser relationships founded on trust, with the client’s life-goals at their core, help your clients to create and enjoy wealth. These relationships also bring high long-term value and fulfillment for the adviser.