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Lygeia  Ricciardi

Lygeia Ricciardi

Digital Health & Patient Engagement Expert


Lygeia Ricciardi brings to the stage vision, strategy and in-depth industry insights to build the future of health through technology. She energizes audiences with her passion and vision for using digital health to help individuals live healthier, happier, and fuller lives. Lygeia has been at the vanguard of digital health and consumer engagement for more than 15 years, working to ensure that electronic health records, wearables, apps, and other tools, empower patients and their families. In 2019, Health Data Management named her one of The Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT. Read More >

As Chief Transformation Officer at Carium, Lygeia is guiding go-to-market strategy and development of a software-based product that helps consumers navigate their health and wellness journeys. Previously, through her own practice, Lygeia consulted for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 50 technology leaders; as well as health systems, health plans, and—of course—patients. She helps develop tools to engage individuals in their health and healthcare by tapping into their own personal motivation and priorities. As a federal government intrapreneur, Lygeia founded and led the Office of Consumer eHealth from which she helped to shape nationwide policies and programs that are helping millions of Americans to get access to and use their own health information digitally. Lygeia’s work has been featured on networks, digital and print media such as: NPR, C-SPAN, The Wall Street Journal and Consumer Reports.

Whether Lygeia is speaking on trends in digital health or patient engagement, each presentation is customized to the needs of your event. Through storytelling, visuals that are rich in data yet easy to understand, she translates big ideas into concise and powerful words and images. Lygeia inspires us to see opportunities instead of problems, overcome challenges, and find the inspiration and purpose to harness technology to make the world a healthier, better place. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Putting Patients on the Safety Team

According to Lygeia Ricciardi, creating a culture of patient engagement is key to minimizing errors, maximizing safety and improving outcomes. Organizations need to shift their focus and realize the value of putting patients on their safety team. Technologies that support patient engagement and safety no longer have to be overwhelming or complex. For instance, patients have the ability to track and measure their own vitals through a variety of wearables and digital devices like blood pressure cuffs, scales, heart rate monitors and phone applications. This simple participation by the patient, can help prevent health crises and ER visits, lower costs, and even catch errors. Lygeia discusses the strengths that come from communicative relationships and making patients feel that they are an integral part of their own healthcare team.

Patient/Consumer Engagement Through Digital Health

“Patient Engagement” is a popular phrase these days, but what does it really mean? Through rich data and graphics, Lygeia will show your audience why patient engagement is critical to better health outcomes, the role technology plays, and the major trends that are shaping this exploding field, including gamification, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality.

The Future of Health: Across the Continuum of Care

Healthcare payment models increasingly emphasize value over volume. To achieve better health outcomes, we must rely on collaboration across an expanding continuum of care, from providers to payers, pharmacists, coaches, family and friends. Non-traditional entrants such as Apple, Amazon, plus a myriad of startups, are extending the continuum digitally through sensors and artificial intelligence. All of these changes push the patient from the role of passive recipient of services to active manager of their own health journey. Lygeia will help your audience understand the implications of these changes and the customers it serves.

Leveraging Behavior Change Science for Health

Less than 20% of our overall health is the result of traditional healthcare, which includes doctors, hospitals, medical treatments and more. Health is shaped by many other factors, including our everyday decisions about diet, exercise and whether to seek professional care, or taking medications. Adopting healthy behaviors isn’t easy, but some pioneers are successfully leveraging digital tools, data, incentives, and brain science to help individuals and their care teams achieve health goals through behavior change. Lygeia will show how your organization and you as an individual can be proactive with healthcare instead of reactive.

Be the Changemaker in Your Organization

It was only a few years ago that the idea of patients researching their own medical conditions, accessing their own health records, or establishing online communities was unheard of. When Lygeia founded the office of Consumer eHealth, she was challenging deeply-ingrained cultural norms in which patients are seen primarily as passive recipients of health care services. In contrast, Lygeia believes that individuals—regardless of education or income level—have the capacity and agency to shape their own lives, in part through leveraging the power of information technology. Despite experiencing strong pushback from both within and outside of government, she was able to convince others to embrace and advocate for change. Through lessons learned, Lygeia will inspire and motivate individuals to become changemakers within your organization.

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