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Lygeia  Ricciardi

Lygeia Ricciardi

Digital Health & Patient Engagement Expert


Lygeia Ricciardi brings to the stage vision, strategy and in-depth industry insights to build the future of health through technology. She energizes audiences with her passion and vision for using digital health to help individuals live healthier, happier and fuller lives. Lygeia has been at the vanguard of digital health and consumer engagement for more than 20 years, working to ensure that electronic health records, wearables, apps and other tools empower patients and their families. Read More >

Not surprising since the name Lygeia means "clear-voiced" in ancient Greek. Throughout Lygeia’s career, she has been sharing easy-to-understand, practical methods for using technology that empowers people to take charge of their health. Lygeia has also contributed to policies and programs that give millions of Americans digital access to their health information in the public and private sectors, as well as helping to develop and spread new tools and new ways of thinking.

In 2021, Lygeia was included by Medika Life in a list of 50 of the most influential voices in healthcare. She’s also been named one of the Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT (Health Data Management, 2019) and among the Most Influential Women in Health IT (HIMSS, 2019), and is widely recognized as a digital influencer.

As the founder and CEO of AdaRose, Lygeia is currently making it easier for people to practice self-care anywhere. Whether you are a busy professional, the “chief health officer” of your family, a parent, a caregiver or all of the above, through virtual experiences supported by a closely coordinated box of healthy physical products, you need to take care of you. Previously, Lygeia was the Chief Transformation Officer at Carium, a software company that connects patients and their healthcare teams outside of care settings. In addition, as a federal government intrapreneur, Lygeia founded and led the Office of Consumer eHealth, from which she helped shape national policies and programs that give millions of Americans access to and use of their health information digitally. Lygeia has also consulted for companies, including members of the Fortune 50, health systems, health plans, device developers, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies and more.

Lygeia’s work has been featured by media including Forbes, NPR, C-SPAN, The Wall Street Journal and Consumer Reports. She speaks frequently at conferences, including the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), South by SouthWest (SXSW) and the HIMSS annual conference.

Whether Lygeia is speaking on trends in digital health, patient engagement or women’s health, she customizes each presentation to the needs of your event and works with you to amplify audience engagement through social media and other avenues. Through storytelling and visuals that are rich in data yet easy to understand, she translates big ideas into concise and powerful words and images. Lygeia inspires us to see opportunities instead of problems, overcome challenges and find the inspiration and purpose to harness technology to improve health and healthcare. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

The Future of Healthcare is Digital & Patient-Centered

Just a few years ago, the proliferation of digital healthcare tools, from wearable to virtual reality, was moving at a slow pace. But COVID-19 changed all that, serving as an amplifier of a new normal. Rapidly speeding up the process, digital health is improving health, health access and affordability—enabling patients to be active managers of their own healthcare. Through storytelling, rich data and graphics, Lygeia Ricciardi, digital health and patient engagement expert, shares the consumer-centric trends you need to know. Read More >

You’ll learn about: Read Less ^

  • Virtual healthcare, including the use of telemedicine, telehealth, mobile health (mHealth), health information technology (IT) and wearable devices
  • Remote patient monitoring to shorten the duration of hospitalizations after a procedure
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality to improve the efficacy of rehab
  • Personalization of healthcare, which includes both genomics and addressing people’s unique needs and preferences
  • How digital health can advance health equity
  • Social media platforms to identify and educate patients with rare diseases about treatment options
  • Smartphones, smart homes, apps and consumer devices that help patients learn and adopt healthier everyday behaviors and improve health outcomes

Women Are the Chief Health Officers You Need to Reach

As “Chief Medical Officers” of their households, women in the U.S. make approximately 80% of the health care decisions for their families. Women are also typically the caregivers for family members and others. Oftentimes, this leaves them vulnerable to changes in their own health, as they tend to put everyone else’s needs before their own. Health research, drug development and even medical school curriculums have traditionally used men as the “default.” And women statistically have worse health outcomes than men. Lygeia Ricciardi, digital health and patient engagement expert, wants to change all of that. In this highly informative talk, Lygeia explains why it is critical to address women in their roles as caregivers and decision-makers by tackling both physical and mental health and giving them tools for easier self-care. She’ll also discuss why supporting women's health must include systemic changes in healthcare research and development.