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Marc  Agronin

Marc Agronin

Geriatric Psychiatrist


Marc Agronin, MD is a board-certified adult and geriatric psychiatrist who has served since 1999 as the medical director for mental health and clinical research at Miami Jewish Health Systems (MJHS), Florida’s largest long-term care institution. He is also an affiliate associate professor of psychiatry and neurology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Read More >

Dr. Agronin is a nationally recognized expert in psychiatric illnesses in the elderly. In 2008, he was named Clinician of the Year by the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry. The award is given annually to one of its members who has demonstrated a “profound commitment to the field of clinical geriatric psychiatry by providing, promoting, and assuring access to quality mental healthcare for older adults.” In 2011, Dr. Agronin was elected as a distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association—the highest honor conferred to its members.

Dr. Agronin has authored several books, including Therapy with Older Clients: Key Strategies for Success, Alzheimer Disease and Other Dementias: A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition, and his latest, How We Age: A Doctor’s Journey into the Heart of Growing Old. He has published articles in The New York Times and Scientific American Mind, and is the co-editor of the textbook, Principles and Practice of Geriatric Psychiatry. He has published chapters on psychiatric illness in most major psychiatry textbooks, including a chapter on sexuality co-authored with the noted TV and radio personality Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

Marc Agronin is a graduate of Harvard University with a degree in psychology and philosophy, summa cum laude, and received his medical degree from the Yale School of Medicine. He trained in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School (McLean Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital) and later completed a fellowship in geriatric psychiatry at the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

How We Age: Perils & Promises

Dr. Agronin offers an exploration of the aging process as we currently understand it, including a positive perspective on how certain strengths such as wisdom, creativity, and maturing emotions can increase not in spite of age, but because of it.

The Creative Age

Is aging only about decline and loss? Too often we lose focus of the many strengths we can gain as we grow older. Dr. Agronin will present the expansive thinking of Gene Cohen and others who propose stages of increased human potential as we age, and discuss how we can get there.

The Future of Aging

Dr. Agronin takes a look at how we aged in the past (going back to antiquity), how we age today based on current aging research, and how we will age in the future based on changing demographics and potential scientific breakthroughs.

The Dementia Dilemma

Alzheimer’s disease is at epidemic proportions and growing in the world today, and devastating our economies as the most expensive illness. What is our current understanding of this modern day scourge and what treatments are on the horizon?

The Age Equation

How does the aging process affect our personalities? How does mental illness change as we get older? In a talk aimed primarily at a mental health audience, Dr. Agronin explores how normal functioning and psychopathology are shaped by age-related forces in both positive and negative directions.

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How We Age

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