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Marshall Davis Jones

Marshall Davis Jones

The Poetic Experience Creator for Impactful Communication

Marshall Davis Jones

The Poetic Experience Creator for Impactful Communication


Marshall Davis Jones is the founder of MindBodySpeak; a leading authority in vocal communication for high-stakes discussion. Marshall’s techniques have won negotiations, de-escalated conflicts, and acquired business relationships across multiple industries

He has worked with renowned speakers, industry leaders, and various organizations from youth development to law enforcement.

He sits on multiple advisory boards for tech companies as an expert on human vocal performance and affective presence.

Besides writing and speaking globally, he has played a narrative consultant role for two documentaries and contributes to industry strategy via think tanks.

Marshall was awarded recognition as one of the top 100 Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD Class of 2022) via the UN.

He’s also had poems flown by NASA into space.

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Speech Topics

Strategic Storytelling

Strategy comes from a term meaning “the art of the general”. Strategic Storytelling applies this art to inspiring your company toward new frontiers.

Marshall Davis Jones will go over techniques he’s used to settle the dust at SAP, kick off a mega campaign at the Four Seasons and bring meaning to the team at Square.

You will learn:

a. The persuasive power of Perception of Interest vs Perception of Position.
b. How to craft stories that increase Decision Dominance within your Organization.
c. The Three Circles of storytelling you need to scale up and scale down when necessary.
+ and more

De-escalation Training / Mediation / Retention / Relationship Management

Tension is at an all-time high. With increasing sensitivity to change, it’s becoming easier to choose heightened reactive responses in the work environment.

Marshall Davis Jones will go over techniques he’s used:

  1. To mediate between a major film company and a luxury insurance agency.
  2. To save a multi-million dollar acquisition deal for a hedge fund.
  3. To guide a high-powered design agency’s CEO to retain top talent during the pandemic.
  4. To break up bar fights in Brooklyn NY.

Affective Presence

When we walk into a room people can recognize our state. Whether weak or strong, positive or negative they detect our presence.

What if you could control it at will?

Marshall Davis Jones will cover techniques he’s used:

  1. To teach a world-renowned hotelier how to be both guarded and giving.
  2. To guide a business leader to address his 12 - 100 + staff with greater confidence.
  3. To train an empathy-based insurance company to be firm but also bring comfort to their clients.
    + more.