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Nora  McInerny

Nora McInerny

Best-Selling Author, Creator and Host of Podcasts “Terrible Thanks for Asking” & “It’s Going To Be OK”

Nora McInerny

Best-Selling Author, Creator and Host of Podcasts “Terrible Thanks for Asking” & “It’s Going To Be OK”


"Nora was AMAZING! We had such good feedback from the attendees about her. She had folks laughing, some crying, and all left with positive feelings about her presentation. She had several folks come up to her afterwards to convey how excited they were to hear her speak since they had listened to her podcast. She connected well with the nurses! I am so pleased that she was our keynote this year! I hope she had a positive reception from the event as well. She is just a lovely human overall.”

"Months later, we are still talking about Nora’s keynote."

"Her relatable and funny style is honest and real and hit the most important points about grief & resilience."

How are you? Nora McInerny wants to know the truth. As the creator and host of the podcasts “Terrible, Thanks For Asking” & “It’s Going To Be OK," and the TED speaker known for her viral talk, “We Don’t Move On From Grief, We Move Forward With It,” Nora McInerny specializes in making space for emotional honesty and difficult conversations. From her bestselling memoirs and essay collections to her pieces in The New York Times, TIME magazine and The Washington Post, Nora’s work regularly touches on topics many would rather not discuss — death, loss, illness, mental health, trauma and change — with disarming wit and earnest candor.

Drawing on her personal experiences with grief — Nora lost her husband, second pregnancy and father within a few weeks of each other — and her years of interviewing people who have lived through their own terrible experiences, Nora’s unforgettable talks inspire audiences to face and conquer any obstacle — with the strength that comes from knowing that we are not alone.

Though Nora addresses challenging and uncomfortable topics, she does so with a light touch. Her disarming humor and wit break down the barriers that often isolate people who are going through adversity and change. Whether Nora is presenting a keynote or participating in moderated Q&A sessions, she creates interactive one-of-a-kind multimedia presentations tailored to her audience, giving everyone new tools to help them connect more deeply with themselves and with each other.

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Speech Topics


The pursuit of happiness is baked into our American culture, and the self-help industry is a multi-billion dollar -- well -- industry. Studies have shown that the pursuit of happiness actually makes us less happy, but we're still doing it! In this talk, bestselling author and host of the Terrible, Thanks for Asking podcast, debunks popular self-help tropes and leaves audiences with a healthier take on mental health and a daily practice for moving from self-improvement to self-awareness, and embracing what it means to be happyish.

Redefining Resilience

Before it became a popular buzzword, resilience was an adjective used to describe goldfish or tires, something that didn’t need much taking care of. Even the dictionary says that resilience is about the “ability to return to the original shape.” Isn’t that a little ridiculous? How can we possibly be expected to return to our original shape when our lives fall apart? Don’t we want to allow ourselves to be altered by disruption, setbacks or change? Isn’t adaptation—a true change—something to celebrate in a rapidly changing world and workplace? In this talk, Nora McInerny uses stories from her own life and her podcast to introduce a new definition of resilience, one that acknowledges the changes we didn’t choose.

How Are You? (No, Really.)

Why do we ask, “How are you?” when we don’t want to know the real answer? And why do we always say, “fine,” even when the truth is that things are not always fine? What are the three words to avoid if you want to connect with someone, or more importantly, with yourself? There’s an ongoing mental health crisis, and the invisibility of grief makes it that much harder to acknowledge. Utilizing stories from her award-winning podcast, Nora invites audiences to consider a less isolating, more honest answer to the question, “How are you?” This talk is also available as a 90-minute workshop.

Moving Forward: What Happens When It All Falls Apart

Expanding on her viral TED Talk, “We Don’t Move On From Grief, We Move Forward With It,” Nora McInerny guides audiences through the impact of grief on their brain, body and interpersonal relationships, and how the language we use around death and loss can help grievers move forward with their loss into a life truly lived.

Not (Just) a Sad Story: A Patient’s Experience With Cancer, Life & Death

There’s nothing funny about brain cancer. But Nora McInerny and her late husband laughed all the time during his treatment. No one wants to be just another sad story. And even the heaviest experiences have moments of levity. Nora walks caretakers and healthcare providers through a more complex version of the patient experience—inviting audiences to laugh and cry alongside her and reminding us of the humanity that coexists alongside terminal illness.

Here But Not Here: Creating a Supportive Work Environment for Employees

If there is one thing the past few years have taught us, it’s that employees want to be a part of organizations that are concerned about their financial, physical, and mental health—not just the bottom line. And that’s good news because happy, healthy, engaged workers lead to an increase in productivity, morale and profits. But so many organizations get it wrong—and it’s costly. Presenteeism—employees who are at work physically but not mentally—costs the U.S. economy $150 BILLION A YEAR. In this talk, Nora McInerny shows audiences how to create a more empathetic work environment that truly meets people where they are. It’s a realistic, helpful and hopeful message for building a thriving workforce.

Here But Not Here: Creating a Supportive Environment for Students

It’s no secret the last few years have been mentally tough on everyone. But none have been hit harder by the pandemic than students. According to recent surveys, anxiety, depression, sadness, and feelings of isolation and loneliness are all on the rise. In this talk, Nora McInerny lathers on her trademark humor and shares her journey as she tells audiences how to support students through their grief; how to build a community that treats each other with kindness; and how to use our shared experiences to connect on a deeper level with each other.