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Richard  Cabral

Richard Cabral

Emmy Nominated Actor, American Crime

Richard Cabral

Emmy Nominated Actor, American Crime


Nominated for a 2015 Emmy Award for his riveting portrayal of Hector Tontz in ABC’s commercially and critically acclaimed anthology series American Crime, (created by Oscar-winner John Ridley), Richard Cabral was discovered by the producers of NBC’s Southland while working as a Baker at Homeboy Industries. He’s been taking Hollywood by storm ever since.

Richard was recently awarded Homeboy Industries “Homeboy Hero Award” given to the former gang member and “graduate” from the Homeboy program, who has most profoundly transformed his or her life. A former gang-member, he fought a life-sentence and has since dedicated himself to helping others born into similar circumstances.  He was also named one of Variety Latino’s ’10 Latinos to Watch’ in 2016.

With memorable roles in Ridley Scott’s The Counselor (starring opposite Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Michael Fassbender), the Chris Weitz film A Better Life (with Demian Bichir), End of Watch (opposite Jake Gyllenhaal), Rampart (with Woody Harrelson), Devil’s Ink (opposite Zoe Bell and RJ Mitte) and Snitch (opposite Dwayne Johnson), Richard has also made guest starring turns on ABC’s Body of Proof, and HBO’s Luck. He will next be seen in Blood Father, a Taken-style action thriller directed by Jean-Francois Richet (Mesrine) and starring Mel Gibson.

Through his company, Lineage Entertainment Group, Richard recently completed work on independent feature Khali The Killer, and recently put up his one-man show “Fighting Shadows,” a passionate and poignant play celebrating the power of human transformation and redemption. Lineage also produces a live, monthly Poetry Slam to encourage healing through art in Montebello, CA.

Cabral, who lives in Los Angeles, can currently be seen on Fox’s Lethal Weapon as the recurring character, Detective Cruz. Also, he is set to co-star opposite JD Pardo in Mayans MC, Kurt Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy spinoff pilot for FX.

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Fighting Shadows, Richard’s Cabral’s One Man Show

This is a passionate and poignant one man show celebrating the power of human transformation and redemption. The play is filled with story, poetry, music and love. Raised by a single mother in East Los Angeles, Richard fell victim to the self-destructive cycle that he and his family were born into -- gangs and drug addiction, and a life of crime that began in his early teens. By the age of 14, Richard was incarcerated. By 20 he was accused of shooting a rival gang member and fought a 35-year-to-life sentence. Through his art as actor and storyteller and his relationship with Homeboy Industries, Richard would turn his former life of pain into a thing of beauty. Richard now helps others who still struggle with the violent lives they were born into -- to see the light as he did. This one man show is his story. Richard Cabral is a professional actor who grew up in the gang world of East Los Angeles. He was recently awarded Homeboy Industries “Homeboy Hero Award” given to the former gang member who has moved on, 'graduated" from the Homeboy program, someone who has most profoundly transformed his/her life.

The Life Story of Richard Cabral

Richard Cabral is an Emmy nominated, critically acclaimed and celebrated actor. But that was not always the case. Raised in East LA, Richard grew up in and out of gangs and was incarcerated multiple times starting when he was a juvenile. At the age of 25 he was facing a life sentence and knew he had to turn his life around. He met Father Greg from Homeboy Industries who gave him a chance to escape the gang cycle and turn his life around. Richard wrote poetry in prison and was always a fan of the arts. He was able to audition for the television series Southland while at Homeboys and that helped his acting career take off. Richard is an inspiration and an incredible example of how, no matter what the circumstance, you can turn your life around. His life story is truly inspiring and incredibly relevant for all walks of life.

Prison Reform

Being incarcerated multiple times and having been rehabilitated through Homeboy Industries, Richard Cabral is very knowledgeable on our prison system and how it needs to change. He also continues to work with inmates and gang members in order to help them break the cycle and survive the prison system. Richard has spoken at dozens of prisons and is has lived first hand in the broken prison system.

Gang Life in Los Angeles, Overcoming Adversity & Homeboy Industries

Richard Cabral is arguably one of the most successful former gang members to come through Homeboy Industries, the largest gang rehabilitation program in the world. He was coming out of prison, having served time and fought a life sentence, and he was ready to make a change. He met Father Greg, the founder of Homeboy Industries, and knew that he had found someone who truly cared about him and his future. After completing the programs at Homeboy Industries and going on to become a celebrating and Emmy nominated actor, Richard Cabral continues to volunteer and help others break the cycle. He is an inspiration to those that think there is no hope and they have no way out. He still takes time weekly to help other former gang members at Homeboy Industries and talks with those struggling with gang problems, addiction and feeling like there is no way out.