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Ruth  Rathblott

Ruth Rathblott

DEI Expert, Bestselling Author & Award-Winning Former Nonprofit Leader


Ruth Rathblott is an expert on inclusion and diversity. She is a TEDx and inspirational speaker, bestselling author, and an award-winning former nonprofit leader. Read More >

She was born with a limb difference and speaks with leaders on issues of equity and belonging, the gifts of being unique, and the freedom of accepting your differences.

Ruth was profiled as a CEO in The New York Times’ Corner Office and received Goucher College’s Excellence in Public Service Award, among other awards, for her outstanding leadership in the nonprofit sector. She has spent her entire career focused on providing opportunities for those who have been underrepresented.

She serves as a board member of The Lucky Fin Project. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

When I stopped hiding, I found freedom

Speech Topics

The Angst Behind Hiding: It’s Not the Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever felt like you were hiding part of yourself? The answer is likely yes! Read More >

In this presentation, Ruth discusses the universal feelings of hiding and covering and how different it is from the imposter syndrome often felt in the workplace.

Through an engaging presentation, Ruth leads the attendees through creating strategies to emerge from hiding. Her core message is to Own Your Differences.

One key question answered is how do we create the conversation and space for others’ differences?

Ready to find out? Read Less ^

Learning to Unhide & Live Authentically

Living authentically means being able to bring your full self to work. To have the freedom to face challenges, ask for help without fear, and share your experiences to help others. Read More >

When we spend so much time hiding parts of ourselves, we become exhausted and feel lonely and isolated.

Are we really performing at our best if we have to expend energy to hide pieces of ourselves while at work?

Ruth shares approaches and action plans to move us forward by owning our differences and creating space for others differences.

Ready to start the collective journey of acceptance? Read Less ^

How We Show Up

Most of us know when people are being authentic, accepting themselves — right? Maybe not. Nodding ‘yes’ isn’t an indicator that they are really present. Read More >

In this presentation, Ruth explores what authenticity really means, how it benefits the organization and the true importance of showing up as who we are.

She leads an interactive discussion around showing empathy and what humanity looks like in the workplace.

By the end of this presentation, attendees will be thinking about representation – and whose voices are heard.

Ready for the team to be fully present at work? Read Less ^

The C.U.R.E. to Inclusion Workshop

Ready to have a conversation around Inclusion, but not sure where to start or what that looks like? Read More >

Ruth leads attendees in personal reflection and small group activities that encourages them to explore 4 dimensions of Inclusion.

  • Connection – how do we build attachment and display humanity?
  • Understanding – how do we create safe places for conversations about difference?
  • Representation – how do we ensure that everyone has a seat at the table?
  • Empathy – are we fostering a workplace with allies and ambassadors?

And how does all of this relate to our human need for belonging?

This workshop addresses these questions … and more! Read Less ^